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  1. Hi fellas, Yes Thierry, I did consider the Atoll 2C from the MiG-21, but it is too thin and too short. Then I looked at my AMRAAMs, but that one is too long and too thick. In the end, I´ll probably scratchbuilt it (and I´ll need 4 of them... ). Already found 5mm tubes on ebay, and will probably use the head from an AIM-7/120. Thanks again for the ideas!
  2. Hi, I´m already thinking about a F-5EM conversion (brazilian current version of the Tiger II), and that includes its loadout. I know that Isracast does a very nice set of Python 4s, but... I couldn´t find any Derbys in 1/32. Does anyone produces these?
  3. I was unable to access their website in any of my usual navigators. Just tried Opera and managed to access it. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Would anyone know if the company HAD Models (from Hungary) is still active? A while ago they announced a replacement canopy for Trumpeter´s MiG-15/17s, which looked nice in the CAD previews. Thanks, M. Mees (Spectre7)
  5. Thanks, Tony! Well, it appears that the transparent parts´ sprue from all these kits has "gates" for different instrument panels, but the canopy section remains the same. In that case, the F-7II kit is the one that I would need. Regards, Marcio (Spectre7)
  6. Dear fellows, Would anyone know if the canopy section (windshield/canopy) is the same in all of Trumpeter´s F-7 series (F-7II, F-7EB,F-7MG) kits? Thanks!
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