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  1. Thank you guys for the replies. I appreciate it very much. The Airscale looks like what I'm looking for. I just sent off for the Yellow Wings F4B-4 decal set as well. Thanks Tnarg. Funny, I spent an hour trying to find ANY photos of a F4B-3 or -4 cockpit but found darn little. The link to http://109lair.hobby.../dsindex800.htm was missed completely in the Google search. That's a good one. I would have thought the U.S. Navy museum in Fl. would have something for the researcher, but I guess not.
  2. Would anyone be able to advise me of a source of 1/32nd scale aircraft instruments? Preferably of vintage 1920 to 1930's. Of course a freeware, printable download would be most appreciated but not essential. This would be for a 1/32nd Boeing F4B-4 cockpit I'm scratch building. Thank you.
  3. Thanks guys. I see I have to tighten up the center section wires.
  4. Well, I see my photos didn't show. Let me try something else.
  5. This is the first time I've attempted to show a photo here, so I hope it works: Monogram 1/32nd F3F-3. I used Lone Star resin wings of the correct span. I scratch built the entire cockpit. The wheels were made thicker to scale (6in).Pilot is the figure included in the kit, but configured to fit in the seat. The flying/landing wires are ground down music wire. Model Master paints used through out, and Yellow Wings Decals also used. My references used was the "GRUMMAN F3F-3 in ACTION" book and drawings by Peter Westberg. I had the landing gear working because I thought they looked cool in operation. Alas, the extra weight of the larger,resin wings proved too much for the delicate joints in the gear. I had to glue them down.
  6. Thank you gentlemen for the informative replies, I do appreciate it. Radubs "wires" really look great for some of the WWI projects I've got lined up for the future. Last night I tried grinding down some music wire just to see how that would go. It actually went pretty well, not at all as hard as I had imagined, so I might continue with this method a while. Again thanks to all for the help!
  7. Hello to all. I've got a question on aircraft rigging. I'm at that stage in a 1/32nd scale Monogram F3F-3 build. The aircraft had flat, streamlined flying and landing wires (rods). What would be a good procedure to reproduce these in 1/32nd scale. Using mono line just didn't seem right to me, but I will use that method if I have too. I did a search, but didn't find any discusion on this. So I hope some one else had a solution in this. Thanks, Steve 'stoney' White
  8. Well thanks guys for the quick replies. I do appreciate it. I do have a request in at Lone Star now, hoping to hear from them soon. I have a second kit as well and had given some thought to the wing surgery' but I am loath to lose the whole second kit for the 1.5 inches of wing at this time. A lot depends on the Lone Star situation. I do have the Yellow Wings decal set that I bought at the local IPMS contest a few years back. The F3F is my favorite plane and 1/32nd is the only scale I build biplanes in. A refection on the old eyes.
  9. Hello, newbie here for the first time. Love the site! My question pertains to the Monogram Grumman F3F-3 kit in 1/32nd scale. The wing in the F3F-3 kit is two short by about 1.5 ins. Correct, more or less, for a F2F but not the 32ft wing of the F3F. As I am given to understand that a replacement wing, of the correct span was, at one time, was made available through Lone Star Models.Are there any other after market wings out there? I would sure appreciate it. Thank you.
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