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  1. Hey there folks, back again. Glad to see my comment sparked a 'wee bit' of a conversation. I appreciate being able to converse with everybody. Thanks. I guess I will find out about "HS" in due course,(thanks KOG7777.) Ya know, I just spoke about what I experience when I'm workin on a build. It's the same thing as when I'm playin my Bass. As far as the hobby shop goes, I'm lucky, have 3 that I know of, local, so it's good (and pricy at times, but what the hell). I just want to improve my skills, that's all. Like everybody else. See ya in the funny papers.
  2. First time commenting guys and gals, so be gentle. I'm just gonna throw my 2 cents worth on the work bench, isn't really about having fun, loosing track of time here and there, getting excited going to the hobby shop? Sure, some got mondo skills, and the rest of us look at the work and go 'Damn that's good!", right? It's about creating your own Master Piece, just for fun. That's my 2 cents. Thanks for 'listening' folks.
  3. Thank you Silentsage 418 for the tip. It's a great help for larger parts like control surfaces, wings , etc.. Many of my problems deal with smaller parts. For example (this is for you Krow113) rudder pedels, throttle quadrants, things of that nature. It's difficult to get the size correct. Do you guys 'eye ball' the sizes? Do you take measurements? How do you scale parts for 1/24, 1/32 etc. I know I went off on a tangent. From matching left to right, to getting the scale correct. Just bear with me guys. Like I said in the begining, I love this hobby and I want to get better. Thanks for all your help and your patience.
  4. I love this hobby, really. I find a place to 'go' that takes my mind off of all the daily tribulations. I re-discovered it when my daughter wanted a snap together Mustang. We worked on it together and it rekindeled the enjoyment. Anyway, enough of the reminicing. The bane of all my attempts to fabricate parts/scratchbuild is, as the topic states, left the same as the right, know what I mean? HELP! I've got quite a few ideas, but the results are always unsatisfactory (to say the least) . I would appreciate any advise you could impart. Thanks for your time.
  5. Hi there folks! First time I've posted anything so please be gentle.(I posted this subject a few days ago but I haven't seen it, hence this being the first) I have renewed my love for this hobby and pulled out one of the kits I have, the Bandai 1/24 scale P51D Mustang. Great kit. So here I am, looking thru all the parts trees, making sure every thing is ipsy pipsy and low and behold....... no instructions! I immediately went to the Bandai web site and you guessed it not even a hint that they might have copies, anything! But as they say, no soap! So, here I am kit in hand and need your help. If anybody has a set, knows where I can get one, I would be very appreciative, to say the least. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope all your seams are straight and on the money. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Later and Happy Modeling.
  6. Hello Gentlemen. First let me say thanks for all the great information. Many a question of mine has been answered just by browsing thru the forums. My question is about determining how scratch build parts to scale. Is there a mathematical formula or do you just go by 'it looks right'. I'm working on the Hasegawa 1/32 F-86 and am having trouble getting the brake lines right. Like I said, it's just an example. I'd be grateful for any advise. Thanks.
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