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  1. OK I'll try again. DAVE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve
  2. Not to sure why I can see them OK Steve
  3. Hi guys Here are all 3. Thank you for all the great replys. I had a great time with these builds. Enjoy Steve
  4. #3 For the GB Done This has been a fun build I hope everyone has enjoyed Steve
  5. Dave your A smart A&* Stve
  6. Not to sure about the Earth brown But I'm going cammo this may work Steve
  7. Texas I with you gloss is not a war bird. I'm going Flat Steve
  8. Gloss or Flat what do you guys think? Steve
  9. Texas Great one It just so happens I have a sheet of white decal paper. I'm going to give it a shot Steve
  10. Hi Guys This is my last unfinished one I'll start working on this next I'm still not sure how I well do the names on the nose Steve
  11. It' a rebox, Hobby Craft, But it,s a Trumpeter. Steve
  12. Hi Guys Saber & P-40 Thanks for the great Info. Well I’m just going to let her be. I’ve gone into the LARRY THE CABLE GUY MODE (AKA Erwin, And I loves Ya man) GET ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DONE. I’ve got way too many unfinished models around here. And as P-40 said who’s going to stick there nose in the cockpit anyway. Not were I’m going to putting it on display. They are in our base Operations, or in my Office. Enjoy Steve
  13. Spades No weathering, as a kid I never new how to do that. Streight OOB for the G/B. Rattle Can 101, just like when I was a kid. Steve
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