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  1. Saw Jerry and team out at the IPMS this past summer. Really enjoyed talking to him and Judy. Bought one of his D-9 prints--wish you a speedy recovery Jerry and hope to see you and your gang at the Nats in Va Beach. Best Wish, Brian
  2. Started my build today and came across two very warped wings! Has anyone else that has built this kit experienced this problem and if so, what is the best way to correct the warps? I have the wings halves clamped but not glued together so far. Should I glue the wing halves together and then heat or heat each half separately and then clamp and glue once correct shape has been re-established? Thanks for the help, Brian
  3. Gentlemen, Thank you for the replies and the information. R/ Brian
  4. Does anyone have, or know where to get, some good images/diagrams of the K-4's left and right cockpit side panels?? Building the Trumpeter K-4 and redoing the cockpit. TIA, Brian
  5. Gents, Thanks for all the helpful information. R/ Brian
  6. Are these tools sets still available? Think there used to be one made by Reheat... Thanks for the help, Brian
  7. Building the Hun and using a set of Cutting Edge Decals that call for the bird to be painted in silver lacquer--any suggestions on a good paint for this color? TIA, Brian
  8. Thanks Tim for the info. Brian
  9. Which of the F-16 models/blocks used the "bigmouth" intake that Cutting Edge produces? Also, is the P&W exhaust cone necessary for the when using the bigmouth intake? TIA, Brian
  10. with the Hasegawa kit and the Eduards PE, SCI metal landing gear, and a set of Montex masks... Plan on the NMF with the green camo overpaint. Brian
  11. Thanks all for the information. I'm going to try something new and take a set of Eduards PE for the 48th scale N1K2 George and enlarge it as a paper copy in 24th scale to see if I can then use the paper copy as a pattern in order make some detail parts for the my Bandai George... Thx, Brian
  12. what is the setting for blowing up 48th to 24th??? Thx, Brian
  13. Sorry, I was talking about the F-100 not the F6F or the F-16... Brian
  14. At the Richmond, VA. IPMS show this past weekend the guys from Black Box had a test shot of the forward fuselage at their booth!!!! I was able to pick it up and take a look at it--impressive, and large! Looking forward to seeing the whole model... Brian
  15. Derek, Just ordered their set. Thanks for the information. Brian
  16. I've got the ponce wheels but have seen a few builds that use a "Beading Tool" to make rivets. Can someone tell me where to get one of these tools for working in 48th and larger scales?? TIA, Brian
  17. Has anyone tried the Mike West (Lone Star) gear wells on the Trump bird? I have a set for the old Revell kit--wonder if they'll fit the Trump??? Thanks Jamie for the cockpit info--I have been following your build. Brian
  18. Has anyone used this set in the Trump F4U?? If so, how is the fit and what modifications were necessary to make it fit???? Thx, Brian
  19. Tim, Thx for the info. I have the F4U-1D--so the info you provided was spot on. Brian
  20. Or is time to buy a replacement??? Thx, Brian
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