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Found 1 result

  1. Report post Posted 2 hours ago Greetings all, This has been quite the project and would not have been possible without the following people for all their help, suggestions and, ideas. Without their support, this would not have been possible. To JSI for creating the 1/18th scale Tomcat even with it's spots and all. To Marek, may he rest in peace. His amazing talents inspired me to take on this project. His craftsmanship was second to none. Hopefully you approve Marek. To Brian Plesica, of "FIGHTERTOWN DECALS", for upscaling the markings for a custom sheet. Without the markings there would have been no point in going ahead with this project. To Dan Teker for reaching out to Brian Plesica and getting he and I together. To Janos Carpenter for generously donating the necessary parts that I needed to create a "BOMBCAT." He's a super person and, an even better friend. To my buddy Ted Dyer for his hard work in casting me the resin rear Phoenix pallets, four bomb racks and, the four MK-83' s to make this Tomcat unique in this scale. Thanks also to Ted for reaching out to his friend Pete Nuskey, a very talented machinist, who drilled the holes at the proper angels for the two inch acrylic rods. To Nathan Horchem for the resin GE F110 engine nozzles. To Nick Williamson, of FOXThre3Customs, for our long phone talks and his encouragement, thanks brother. To Brian "OOMPA" Marbrey for supplying me with reference pics of my jet, answering MANY questions, sharing his modeling expertise and, his vast knowledge of the Tomcat, thanks bud ! To Chuck Sawyer and Marcell for their tip on the walkways. The Rust-Oleum textured spray worked awesome and looks the part for this scale. And last but not least, my two long time good friends and modellers, Duane "BUZZ" Lockwood and Ed "Gunny" Miranda. BUZZ made me my aluminum Alpha probe for the nose and helped out with the aft end fuselage shape for the B/D model. Their friendship, countless hours of support and suggestions helped me see this project thru to completion, thanks guys !! And finally, to ALL the members of LSP who followed this never ending re-build. There are so many very talented builders on this forum who do amazing things with plastic. Thank you for all your encouraging words and support which helped me to see this thru to completion. I am humbled that you showed interest in my work. There were a lot of good days and bad days with this project. More time away from the bench than at it but, I was determined to stick with it and get her finished. It was definitely a labor of love and just my little part to help keep the Big Fighter's spirit alive. I'm very proud to have created such a unique piece and tried to do the 'ole girl justice. Thanks to everyone, enjoy the pics. Steve "TOMCATS FOREVER, BABY...!"
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