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Found 2 results

  1. What a kit! I just got the infamous YF-23 kit in 1/48 and although i could possibly start it after quite some time from now, i`m opening this thread now. I came across a few marvelous builds here and there, but could not managed to find the best build. So i`ll try to make the best one My vision is of a real F-23A conversion such as if it was the chosen plane in the 90`s. In brief, i`ll try to make the exact same outlook (painting/weathering) of a typical Raptor as of nowadays, but will also make all the corrections/edits/improvements that had to be implemented in the prototype version... once upon a time. ) I know about the yf-23.net site and most of my references are from there. Nonetheless - just a quick stroll through the HobbyBoss`s kit: And that`s it - just 2 sprues except the main surfaces and the clear parts. But the details are amazing in terms of quality. The occkpit is ginormous. I couldnt resist to testfit the main surfaces - they all are from 2 halves. What a plane! If i love the Raptor 9 out of 10, this Black Widow is 8.5 out of 10. (of cource my first place is still for the STOVL Lightning II). So i could deffinitely say that this is strictly one of my most faved planes. It`s huuuuge for this scale... just about the same as the Blackbid in 1/72: Thx for lookin! I`ll develop the build more thoroughly in ARC, but will update it here too, when/if i start building it... some day. This plane rocks. Just starring at it is making me feel .
  2. It`s finally done! * The WIP topic The F-23A Black Widow II in a searial production variant like it would be if it was the chosen winner from the ATF competition some two decades ago. The original kit is the HobbyBoss 1/48 YF-23 kit, which went through a major conversion, and almost all the surfaces were completely edited. Check out the full WIP topic for more insight although the majority of the first photos of the build cannot be displayed. She's a very beautiful plane, it think, and i considered all the diagrams and info on the http://yf-23.net page while making this conversion. So I kept the imagination level as low as possible, well.... maybe the weathering is quite alot, but who knows... maybe it really could have look that much soiled and weathered. A couple of serries of photoshoots will follow, cause the landing gear and the rudders are moveable, to allow 2 display modes - inflight and parked. First a dozen overall pics... Hope you like them, and Enjoy!
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