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Found 1 result

  1. I can't seem to make any headway with my two 1/32 Sopwith Camels - the rigging just has me in knots (Ha ha, that was a LITTLE funny, right? ). But I've found some enjoyment in some of the 1/72nd kits and the Eduard kits are just a joy to build. Fit and detail are amazing for kits in this scale, instructions are very clear - and they don't take up a lot of space. Ok, so why twins? I purchased a Profi-Pack kit of the Spitfire Mk IXc, and knowing I have many different decals to play with, purchased an Mk IXc OVERTREES set to go with it. My first Overtrees - which is simply a sprue-only kit - no decals, masks, PE or instructions (which for Eduard can be downloaded from the site - but I used the Profi-Pack instructions anyway. Here is the kit box: Here is the OVERTREES label. They also make available the PE frets if you want too... Since I can build two kits at the same time I decided to try some different things with the OVERTREES build - namely some masking (those D-Day Strips) and the camo masks work and a non-PE IP. Turns out, you really can't see much of a Spitfire IP anyway. Unfortunately, I should have bought a second set of canopy masks - masking the tiny Spit front windscreen takes a steadier hand than mine so I'll either try and reuse the masks from the Profi-Pack build or may give tape another go. Here are the two birds I'm building; (DU*N) as the Profi-Pack and the OVERTREES build is (WX*D). Apologies that I'm jumping into this build at probably more like the 75% (where did I put those build pics?? The masking for the camo alone took me a day!) but here is where I'm at so far. Still need to finish the landing gear and start the weathering, as well as adding the antennas, fuel caps, pitot tubes, etc. WX*D is on the left, DU*N is on the right. The camo is Vallejo Model Air and the Sky fuselage bands are painted as are the yellow leading edge stripe. On DU*N, the red 'tape' covers are painted on, while on WX*D they are the kit decals. Honestly, for as easy as it was to mask, so much easier to paint than try and align the 4 decals. For looks? I think after sealing with a clear coat then a matte or flat coat it will be a wash. But I like painting them better. Ideally, I was going to use masks for the national insignia on WX*D, but in the end, I kind of just wanted to get on with it. And the fact that the Eduard decals react beautifully to Micro Set. I 'paint' on some Micro Set where I want the decal, put the decal down and cover again with some Micro Set. I'll revisit in a couple of minutes, using a brush to smooth out any wrinkles but very quickly all the decals snuggled down into the panel lines. NOTE: What I've found is you don't have a lot of time to move and adjust the decal with this method. The solution gets to work very quickly breaking down the decal and if you don't move fast enough (15-25 seconds max) it can turn to mush. That reminds me. The 'door's on both aircraft will be open, the ones there are just masks for the fuselage painting. I also used more of the stenciling on DU*N although again, at this scale, unless you know where to look they are actually very hard to see. Next up is another clear coat to seal in the rest of the decals and then start on some weathering - esp on the underside. Not going to go crazy, but hope to show some of the oil streaks common to the type. DU*N also has a lot of the PE grills and screens so hope to show those off a bit better. I'll work on some better photography for the next batch, hopefully! Thanks for looking and of course, comments are welcome. Chris
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