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Found 2 results

  1. Almost finished my little He-162 Spatz. This is the Tamiya kit which I think is excellent and more accurate than the 1/32 Revell offering - there's something about the Revell 162's nose that looks wrong to me - anyhoo, on with my build. Tamiya I think get it just right in regard to detail. What they do, they do well leaving plenty of scope for scratch building and AM stuff to jazz up the build. I've chosen to reproduce "Red 1" flown by Lt. Gerhard Hanf of 2.JG1 at Leck. This 162 had "Nervenklau" painted on the LHS by ground crews meaning nerve claw. So the story goes, Hanf used to roar off to the airfield early in the morning on his motorbike rattling the nerves of the still sleeping ground crews. Red 1 ended up in USA and was flown by the legendary Bob Hoover and a major reason for building this particular bird. Some plumbing in the wheel bay. DSC_1608 by Adam Dormer, on Flickr DSC_1619 by Adam Dormer, on Flickr Some extra details and plumbing added to the cockpit. DSC_1621 by Adam Dormer, on Flickr DSC_1620 by Adam Dormer, on Flickr Slowly and painstakingly adding plumbing to the BMW engine. 20180620_170844 by Adam Dormer, on Flickr Painted & grimed/oiled.I don't believe I went overboard here in reference to photos. They were not flown that much, but they would have leaked like sieves and were largely kept outdoors - fuel + oil + dust = grim. 20180620_170806_resized[3741] by Adam Dormer, on Flickr 20180620_170719_resized[3740] by Adam Dormer, on Flickr 20180613_160708_resized by Adam Dormer, on Flickr Plenty of jobs left to do. Finishing up scratch building the canopy lock - 7 separate parts to far! Master Models gun barrels and nose wheel position indicator added with pitot tube, loop radio antennae plus Revi gun sight to follow at end. Final matt "dust" coat to come. A few more wires and tubes to add to the engine as well.
  2. HI everyone, I want to show you one of my recent works Revell's He-162 Salamander, this is a very nice kit and I got many positive moments when I built one. To build the model I used resin detail set from Aries, also to make the engine more realistic I added some different wires, PE nuts and bolts and decals of aluminium sheets plants logos. I didn't want to make the model too dirty, because its war career was not very long. P.S. hope you'll enjoy it
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