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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, Having actually started this model instead of just looking at the parts and then putting the box in the cupboard, I thought a thread recording the build might help keeping me on track. Trumpeter Swordfish. Out of the box, it makes up into a very impressive model. There are quite a few aftermarket sets for it, most of which I seem to have added to the stash! Like all kits though there are plenty of areas that could be improved upon, so I thought I'd give it a go. I have also started a bit of web site at www.flyingstart.info, but I suspect I'll get the progress pics here before updating the site. Please guys, badger me to keep going if I stray from the path! Right, a few pics of progress so far. I've skimmed off all the panel latches as these will be replaced with Eduard etched items.The pilots Browning MG blister and blast trough have been smoothed over by wielding a razor saw and dollop of white fine milliput, and the panels lines refined and deepened slightly; the Swordfish is a very 'panely' aircraft, especially after a lot of maintenance, where the edges of the panels get dinged and bent. I want this model to look like it really HAS been 6 months on a MAC in the North Atlantic... The wings, tailplane, fin and rudder have all been sanded smooth, as I consider the rib tape 'detail' is a bit OTT, (Over The Top) and the starving ribs effect on the wing fabric is waaaay OTT, so that has all been filled with 3M Red filler and smoothed back. I've tried to keep a hint of tautness, and of course I'll have to put something back for the rib tapes, but I'll tackle that later. Funny, all Swordfish and SPAD kits have traditionally suffered from grossly exagerated fabric sag, I have no clue why!! I'm going to have to do the same job on a Hobbycraft SPAD I have in the stash... Other jobs done so far include skimming out all the cockpit sidewall details above the moulded longerons. I'm going to leave the rest as it will be hidden behind the tubular fuselage structure and other details. I ditched all the kit bombs as they are hopelessly misshaped, so drew up some more accurate shapes on Rhinoceros 3D CAD program, and had them build on a rapid prototyping machine. I then made up some RPs with 22 guage stainless tube cut to length, and warheads, fins and supports, and a 250lb Depth Charge as well. Next job will be putting all the fuselage details back, using the Eduard etched bits, and cutting out the slats and ailerons. More pics soon. Any comments or suggestions more than welcome!
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