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Found 2 results

  1. Afternoon/evening everyone! Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the New Year. Here is my finished build of Trumpeter's 1/32 SBD-5 Dauntless. I've modeled this after the planes the RZNAF used in World War 2 for a 3 months by 25 Squadron before being returned the US, and switching to F4U Corsairs (thanks Alan!). After starting the 1/32nd world with Tamiya's Corsair, this was a bit of a change! Thankfully, even if it's not super crisp like Tamiya, it still built up quite nicely. Aftermarket includes the following: Archer Fine Transfers complete resin raised rivet set Archer Fine Transfers SBD stencils Synthetic Ordinance Works landing gear Master Casters SBD weighted wheels/tires Montex Masks Master .30 caliber barrels Ventura Publication decals Airscale placards Eduard canopy masks MRP, Tamiya and Alclad paints I think that's all...... A huge thank you to Woody @Archer Fine Transfers for letting me test out his rivet skins, they worked perfectly! For those of you considering them in the future, I HIGHLY recommend them to replace the recessed rivets on this kit. Everyone that provided information on the Dauntless and the RZNAF during the build, a big thanks to you too. Build thread is below. Feel free to critique, offer suggestions, point out anything I may have done wrong. It's just learning to me! Thanks for looking! Click on any picture to view it at Flickr and full resolution
  2. Evening everyone! With the Corsair complete, it's time to start a new project and to get it rolling (and help keep the pressure on me) by posting a new build thread. Tackling Trumpeter's SBD-5 Dauntless, which thanks to Bill (wmoran), I got a great deal on. I've been scrounging the internet to see what's available aftermarket wise, as well as bugging you folks in the aviation forum. Looks like there use to be quite a few items from Eduard, but all are discontinued. I did find a dive brake set on eBay, but I'm not sure I want to do that work! So far, I've come up with the MasterCasters replacement wheels/tires so I don't need to deal with vinyl from Trumpeter. I've also picked up Master .30 cal barrels for the rear machine gun. I've not looked yet to see if I should do the same for the front .50 cal guns yet, but...it's possible. I have Montex masks for the insignia and major artwork, though I've also ordered a decal sheet from Malcom at Ventura Publications with the same markings (and hopefully, less red Donald Duck!). Thanks again to Bill for suggesting the markings for this as well, I think it'll look sharp. The plan is to go with the tri color scheme and I'll be using AK Real Colors for the outside, MRP Interior Green for the inside and then Tamiya acrylics for all the other bits. Not much progress really, but this should help get me motivated to spend a bit of time during lockdown on building something! So far, just clean up and dry fitting of the cockpit. I've got leftover decals for placards and such from my Corsair/HGW sheet, so hopefully I can use some of those in good taste. Thanks again for reading, definitely feel free to point out suggestions, recommendations, more aftermarket items, etc.
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