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Found 9 results

  1. Inspired by Thunnus amazing 109G-6/AS build earlier this year I've taken a deep breath and started my first advanced conversion build. First cuts and all fits spot on. Reaver prop to go with the conversion = perfect match! Added the Aries radio set for the open hatch at the rear. Designed for the Hasegawa kit it fitted without issue. Cut out the hatch and replaced with the pe. Thinned the inside Aries pit next and a drop in fit. Like Thunnus removed the front bottom pour for the wing strut. Larger oil cooler from Barracuda tested, no problems! Quick dry fit of everything I'd done today. Aaron
  2. PR Spit is coming to the final stages, the 262B needs to come back to the bench and I desperately want to start on a late war fw190, but I have a club GB for June that goes under the theme Simply Red. Visiting the Peterborough Model Show here in the UK back in early March (Pretty sure that's going to be the only one for us this year), I purchased a set of Alleycat Drone decals and a cheap F6F from another vendor. Its all about the paintwork for this build/GB, but as normal the am call gets the better of me every time. The kit pit is very basic and Hannants just received CMK resin pits for this kit so in the basket! Set of Roy's wheels along the way as well and off we go. I mated the wings and fuselage as it was clear the pit would slot in from below, no problem. This allowed me to join the 2 parts very carefully to get a good, neat join with minimal sanding afterwards. I don't want to go down the sanding/re-scribing route with this one as like I said its all about a red themed model, and I quite like the shuttle rivets on the kit. A very knowledgeable member of our club provided a lot of photos showing the harnesses draped around the headrest of Hellcats prior to the pilots entering, so as a visual talking point that's what I did, especially after finding the Hellcat is not the most 'open' pit and very difficult to see the detail inside. The pit is now installed And the wings attached. Again the fit was very good and no filler required. Next up is the fuel cell. Again the parts are very clunky so I glued and sanded flush and will use some PE to replace the straps. Tall tail wheels on these planes so found the best photos to see the construction and set about recreating. Albion Alloy, and plasticard and rods and a few hours wrestling but happy with the outcome. Order sent for the red and orange paints, hopefully with me next week. Aaron
  3. Spotted Ass Ape (front ship) This ship had extra external lights so might be a good excuse for some fibre-optix/leds. Am being assembled, B17 brassin wheels, B17 armament set, HGW fabric belts. DN model mask set just ordered
  4. With the Malta Spit done its time for a new project. being like most of us on here deciding what to build next is as hard as the actual build! Anyway, I toyed with a new spit (haven't got all the bits yet) a bomber for Iron Rain GB (cant decide which one) a 109 nightfighter (cos you cant have enough 109's) and a Fw190 in a uber cool scheme I found online. But then this turned up on Thursday and that's sorted! Shouldn't be too long a build and I can aquire even more am for the others. Great box art, nice plastic and looking well detailed. So snips and glue out and we're away Engine Couple of hours work
  5. So here's my first entry to the GB. JG300 Red 12 Bf 109 G-6/R-6 Bonn-Hangelar 1943, a great messy scheme to work with. Using the Trumpeter kit as a base simply because I can open the engine up and its fully riveted already. Got the owl PE acoustic pipes and a Reever prop. HGW fabric seatbelts via Eduard (slightly cheaper option) and Makatar masks.
  6. Calling this one done. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the build. Learnt some new techniques including my first rivet job and also learnt hairspray and masking tape don't mix no matter how long its been on! 1/32 Hasegawa FW190 A-8 Aaron
  7. So this is my next build on the bench 30.04.45 - FW 190 A-8 W.Nr 739 136 'White 15 + -' of II.(Sturm.)/J.G. 4 'White 15 + -' took off from Parchim, north-west of Berlin, piloted by another Estonian, Oblt. Anatol Rebane. This FW 190 was scrapped in Sweden in 1946. Anatol Rebane lived in the West after the war, and after leaving the United States in 2002, now lives in Estonia again. Found Claes Sundin's profile on his website and fell in love with the late war appearance. Then found several images of the plane which are perfect for an accurate build (hopefully)! Hasegawa kit for the build Eduard PE for the pit And started on it, whilst the paint dries on the Kolibri
  8. Just a couple of odds and ends to do but the main build is done. tail light, wing lights, pitot tube and aerial and she's done. Again be at Telford
  9. After much help and advice from this forum (thanks Guys) White 44 changed to Black 13! Great kit and an enjoyable build. Barracuda, eduard, HGW, MDC am thrown into the mix.
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