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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, After a very long stall, i was back to this build a few months ago, and finally finished it today. I started it as a "quick build", and i thought it would be done in a few weeks. Huge mistake ! After finishing the inside and gluing the fuselage, i made my research a bit further and i noticed a lot of difference between the actual aircraft and what was in the Revell kit. The Revell kit supply a standard floatplane Supercub, whereas the swiss aircraft "Popeye" seems to have a lot of custom modification. And there was also a lot of very simplified details that deserve to be improved (control cables, engine cowling, floats details and so on...). I have remade the back of the fuselage to scratch build the clear roof, made a few tiny pulleys for the control cables, remade the floats rudders, and various other small stuff. So it was quite long, sometimes a bit boring, but now it's done, i'm very happy of it. I hope you like it, too. Here is a link to the WIP thread : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=60767?st=0 I just hope i did not post too many pictures....
  2. Hi, It's one more build started a longtime ago, but i want to finish it. It's a rather small kit, with not many parts, but some areas need special care to look accurate, or just to look good ! The fit is very good anyway. I will make one of the schemes from the box, the white and yellow swiss aircraft, this one : Those nice pictures just make me want to have a walk in the moutains near a beautiful lake... For the paint, i have ordered some paint from Gravity, a spanish company who produces amazing paints dedicated to (racing) car models. I tried them yesterday and they are great (fast curing, extra smooth, very fine pigment, airbrush ready....). For the yellow i bought a bottle of school bus yellow. The colour is very good, but it doesn't match the Revell decals colour (for the lightning on the floats and the code on the wings. Anyway, we'll sort out that later !
  3. Hi, Here is my last finished build. I thought it would be faster to build, as there are not many parts in the kit, but it was pretty long, especially because of the praparation and care for the glossy finish. The kit is pretty good, with good fit, but i've made a few mistakes that i had to correct then. There was 3 M.39 racers in 1926 (+2 trainers), i've choosen the number 5, flown by De Bernardi, who was the winner of the race. The model was primed with tamiya pink primer, and then painted with tamiya TS-8. The propeller and propeller cone are in polished white metal. I know that my build has many little flaws but i've learned a lot about this kind of kits and aircraft, so i hope the next ones would be easier. However i'm very happy with it, and it bring a very nice touch of color in my display ! And 20's racers are absolutely beautiful aircraft. If it can help, here is the link to the WIP : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=54058
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