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Found 2 results

  1. Okay...been a LONG time since I have posted anything related to the assembly of styrene. Several WIPs, but the interest fades....been putzing with the 1/24 109...removing some paint....but now that soccer is done for awhile, and winter has reared it's Snowy Maned Head, it's easier to escape to the basement. So I gave myself the dilemma, "Finish a WIP, then treat yourself to a new one, or vise versa?" Well, after himming and hawing, the latter won out. So I have chosen the above mentioned bird. Because I am me....will be OOB, but hey, it comes with some PE. Looking over the directions, I have my first issue right out of the gate....cockpit color. In the key for paint colors, there is "cockpit color (Mitsubishi)" and "cockpit color (Nakajima)". So wander out to the world wide web, over to Cyber-modeler, where I found their 'pit color reference. this reference chart shows only 3 brands that make this "cockpit color (Nakajima)", and 2 of them I have never heard of, much less seen. Now I'm not the type of person to go obtain a bottle/can of this for the 1 - 3 Nakajima planes that I may end up building. So right off, I need to tap into the wealth of knowledge here.....is there a more common color/Brand that would be a suitable substitute for this color? (I'm sure I'm late to the party as usual, but here's the site of the color chart. https://www.cybermodeler.com/color/cockpit.shtml) I thank you in advance for the assistance I will receive. Obligatory opening shot. Oh, and it doesn't help my having fun with this with Photobucket being painfully slow, and it forces me to move one photo at a time from my camera. Cheers Everyone! Dave
  2. Hello Again all. Seeing this new group build posted inspired me this morning to go through the stash and look at all of the started projects that I have, and honestly try to remember why I put them on the "Shelf of Doom". There are way too many abandoned projects in my "hangar"....... This Hasegawa Frank was started somewhere in 2012/ 2013, and was relegated to the unfinished pile for reasons I can no longer remember. Looking over the kit and it's contents, I had gotten fairly well along with it, having the main airframe built and all of the seams filled with CA. It looks like I will need to rescribe some lost detail, and fill a few sink marks I have not noticed before. I was building it out of the box, as a break from some other heavy projects I had on the go. I was close to breaking out the airbrush, but did not get the last 10% of the prep work done. Here is a photo of what I pulled out of the box this morning..... It looks like I have some seam work to take care of on the nose, some rescribing of panel lines around the seams, a few ejector pin marks on the gear, and finish fitting the flaps in the retracted postion. Looking forward to diving in later today. Onward- THOR
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