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  1. Aaaaaand, after 5 minutes of scribbling I got this. An image that will print out borderless at 1-1/4 inches long by just a little under an inch tall, and I know it will size correctly no matter what size my monitor is. SWEEET!
  2. Now I'm going to scrawl out a red-lipped beauty that I saw on the bathroom wall. I haven't delved into doing custom colors yet, but here's a small preview of me getting a yellow color to highlight my letters.
  3. Now I go to my Paint screen and check out my ruler that I know prints out 1 inch. I can select this ruler and move it anywhere on the page I want to size whatever I want using the 'select' tool remember? Let me make some marks (I do so love making my 'strategically placed lines') just like I would on a piece of paper to measure out 1-1/4 inches.
  4. My explanation was kinda confusing, because I'm trying to fit a lot into a few posts. Basically what you're trying to do is get your ruler that you print out the same as the ruler in your hand. All you need is that one piece of paper, and can keep sticking it back into your printer feed tray until you get it the size you want. When what you print out BORDERLESS matches what you're measuring with in your hand, your Paint image is 'calibrated' to your ruler.....no matter what size your monitor is and what size you're viewing it as. Make sense? Let's have some fun now, and let me g
  5. My ruler printed out 2 inches (or would have if I had chosen borderless), and I want a 1 inch ruler. I need this 1/2 the size of what it is now, or %50.
  6. The chances of your ruler you haphazardly drew in Paint being the size you want it are slim. You can erase the line a bit, or make it longer, or use the re-sizing trick I showed earlier in the thread. One more time for a refresher; I'm trying to get this at exactly 1 inch so I have a ruler on my Paint canvas that is calibrated to the ruler that is in my hand.
  7. See how much it altered the size of my image if I don't choose 'borderless'? This would have been 2 inches long if I had. If this had been my carefully scaled image I was printing out on decal paper, it would have come out too small if I hadn't chosen borderless.
  8. Our image is now sized and the printer will know what to do. What I've done here is draw a ruler or scale on my image. Doesn't matter how big it is, or how it's marked....it's just a unit of measure that we want to print out and see how big it is. Think of it as our 'universal measuring stick'. Literally a stick with some marks on it that we're going to calibrate to whatever unit of measure we used to using. We're going to adjust it to match whatever ruler,stick,markings on a piece of paper, whatever it is we hold up to our model and get a 'size'. Most people use a ruler, so I
  9. Now right click to get the drop down menu to re-open this image in Paint;
  10. OK, now the drawing is on my desktop. This is basic stuff, but I have to assume ya'll don't know how to do this and will explain it one time. Doesn't have to be the desktop, anywhere you can find it is OK. Left click to highlight your image icon;
  11. So, before you send something to print....always make sure you do the 'save as' first. Once you've 'saved' the document the first time....any time you open it after that and doodle on it and hit print while it's open will result in the printer knowing what size it's supposed to be. Here's how you do it again, and what I should've done before hitting that 'print' button.
  12. Ok, we had just hit the 'print' button without saving our document first. The printer is confused, and wants to go drink a Mai-Tai on the beach with sunglasses on....but decides to give us a slap in the face first by giving us this; EGADS! That isn't what we had on our screen! Yes it is, we just hadn't saved it yet and told the printer what size it was.....so it guessed.
  13. Welcome Wurzacher! Feel free to participate and join in the FUN! Photoshop is nothing more than Paint on steroids with a LOT more buttons to make what I've done already take about 1/2 the time. Problem is, nobody wants to spend that kind of money or spend zillions of hours going thru the learning curve just to make decals! Paint program is much easier to learn, and is a big help in eventually moving up to Photoshop or Illustrator. Using all that complicated software to make what we're doing here is like using a 200kg hammer to smash a peanut. If I were to look for something
  14. As mentioned earlier, I had to re-arrange everything in my dungeon to hook my printer up to my PC instead of the Mac. This allows me to see what ya'll see, and push the buttons ya'll have...more or less. The first thing I wanted to show tonight is a common gaff that a lot of people experience when working from the Paint program, and I want to help everybody avoid it. In your haste to print decals, or say you open Paint to draw an image that you want to make a 'quicky' decal of,....you open Paint and do the 'attribute' resizing thing and have a 'canvas' that is the size of your decal
  15. Really? (actually I have a 24" Imac.....sorry, maybe when you get older, huh? heh heh. ) Wow, it looks like I'm going to have to do some research into this. Very interesting! Oh yeah, I was doing some A4 sized pamphlets today for a company overseas, and the metric size on my printers read out 210mmx297mm (or 21.0x29.7cm according to my calculations) I can't remember if that jives with the numbers you posted earlier in this thread. Does that look about right? Have you printed out an A4 sized copy of what you drew on your image and seen if it matched up yet? It sho
  16. WHOOHOO! OK, OK class.....you don't have to stand at attention when I walk into the room. YET! I'm in a jovial mood tonight cuz I swapped wires and stuff to get my printer hooked up to my PC instead of my Mac. Now I see and do what all you 'commoners' experience with your computers using Windows. So everybody stand at ease. (except for Big Matt who tends to get excited when we talk about 'nudey-girl' nose art....probably the only reason he's here? ....and starts catching some 'wood'. Sit down son,...you're distracting the rest of the class standing there with your 'chubby' pr
  17. Because I just got home from work and haven't gathered my lesson plan together yet, I'd like to take this opportunity (while the class has Matt hanging out the window waiting for his bubble-gum and small change to fall out,.....and Javlin is busy out on the playground getting beat up by some girl) to say that I have unintentionally led everybody astray on how to scale things out on their monitor. I'd hoped for somebody to call me on this before I discovered my error.....but this class of dummys has almost followed me like a herd of lemmings over a cliff. Even a fish with 'mad cows di
  18. ACHTUNG! All rise class! Your hairy knuckled, non-blinking, low sloping forehead with close set eyed teacher, who hasn't learned how to walk erect yet has arrived to pontificate(sorry, I shouldn't use them big words to this crowd) once again on the subject of decal-making. heh heh. The pleasures all mine Dan! Hey, anybody who has a Texas Instruments programmable calculator under their desk, a pocket pencil protector, AND already knows how to do Photoshop must be bored to tears being down here in the basement banging rocks together at 'our' level?! Glad
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