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  1. Thanks Juraj! Yes it is steadily progressing - not as quick as when first submitted as it has slipped down the main LEGO Ideas page over time (gets a lot of support from there). But there's still 2 years to reach 10,000 (or now 9 supporters a day). Oh and thanks for checking!
  2. Thank you so much David! I really appreciate it
  3. Hi Juraj. It's designed using a LEGO CAD software and rendered - not built. The one thing I checked beforehand was ability to build and integrity - I've seen quite a few ideas pop up that are either impossible to buildin real life or would fall over lol. I didn't want that. Cheers
  4. Hi everyone. This little project now has 3000 supporters It still requires 7000 more but is achievable. Please take a moment to help support - it is legitimate, free and only takes a few clicks Many thanks bit.ly/747Cockpit
  5. Hi Everyone. My Boeing 747 Cockpit on LEGO Ideas has now completed a quarter of its journey! Thank you so much to the 2,500 supporters who boarded for this journey so far. It's been fantastic and really appreciated! There are plenty of seats available - please help this LEGO Idea reach its destination (it's easy, free and takes just a minute). bit.ly/747Cockpit
  6. Thank you Juraj!! Yes very true
  7. Haha nice. Well you know... partners... family... what's a an extra 5 or so votes hehe. Cheers
  8. That's awesome. Thanks J.C.!! Twice?
  9. Thanks so much Tim! I appreciate all the support
  10. woohoo that's awesome thanks Jennins
  11. Thank you so much Seiran! A long way to go though yes hoping so too
  12. Thankyou! If my maths is correct, it's about 1:22 scale
  13. Thanks JC! I love sharing hehe
  14. Hi everyone. I hope this is ok to post? I like both kinds of plastic: scaled models and LEGO! I created the Boeing 747 Cockpit (or flight deck) out of LEGO which is probably something you are not used to seeing here lol. It features moving yoke and controls, instrument panels from the 747-400 variant and moving seats as well. I also added illumination a bit later. If I built the full plane at this size it would be close to 11ft long/wide! I added it to the LEGO Ideas program so what that means is if it reaches 10K supporters, LEGO may make this into a real LEGO set for
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