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  1. Gentlemen , have aquired the 1/32 Revell F/A-18F. This is my very brief encounter with it : First impression : very nice kit. High grade of finish. A LOT of parts. A BIG instructions booklet. Nice decals. Kit instructions tell you to remove flash. Which flash ? What flash? Who's flash ? This is a brand new mould. I see no flash. Whatever... I did not remove any big parts to do a test fit, so I have no opinion on the real fit of those. An eyecatcher : You get DOUBLE parts for the Leading and Trailing edge flaps. More precise : you get each time 2 halves for : 2 x LE Outer Flaps extended or retracted. 2x LE Inner Flaps : extended or retracted. 2x TE Outer Flaps extended or retracted. 2x TE Inner Flaps : extended or retracted. Must say that the flaps halves are quite "soft". I never saw styrene THAT pliable. Also worth of mentioning: you get a special rectangular profile that connects the 2 short square axes on which you have to install the horizontal stabilizers. Nice piece of art. Although the purpose of it is quite OK to me , it looks a little " vulnerable". What I want to say : the Mechanism is a nice piece of engineering, but you should not forget WHY it is built for. This kit part has only 1 pupose. In the specific time frame of the kit assembly , when you install the frame , it stays there : see instructions page 14 , step3A The ONLY moment when it will serve is visible on page 58 in step 146 (!!!) . You have to attach the horizontal stabilizers to the square pins. I hear some people say : So , Is that a problem ?? No. Not now. Maybe later. My point is : do you have ANY idea how big a horizontal stabilizer of an F/A-18F is in 1/32 ? Now ,If you take a look how "small " the square profiles are from the support ( +/- 2mm square side ) , I guess you 'll understand what I mean. Step 146 tells you to mount the horizontal stabilos on the square pins. That is a whole bunch of plastic stabilo for a tiny plastic pin. will this lead to a pin failure ??? I have to be honest tough : the way the pin support is enclosed by the turbine outlet tube halves ( page 15 , step 5) will also contribute to the strength of the assembly. I admit. But it can NOT change the dimensions of the square profile where you have to put the stabilo's on. Never. Is there a remedy ? Maybe. I 'll carefully trace the center of the square and then I drill a hole trough the entire square pin length,the hole being 0,1 mm bigger than the metal pin I'm going to insert and glue in that hole with superglue. Then cut the steel pin at length : finished. Tiny square plastic profile from the outside, strong steel pin on the inside. Stabilo proof , I would say. Beside looking at the stabilo supports I also checked the inventory of the sprues, with the instructions. All sprues mentioned in the instructions were present in the box. There are even MORE plastic sprues in the box than the instructions mention: Sprue M ( not present in the instructions ) delivers the parts for the Aft cockpit instrument panel in PRE -ACS version = flat above. The aft cockpit POST ACS ( Lot26) instrument panel is present on sprue L , which is mentioned in the instructions inventory.It should be installed in the cockpit on page 28 via step 28a. Also discovered : a little bit confusing but not less visible : there are 2 (two) sprues named B. One with the " bard stacks and Stabilizer Support parts and another with the crew boarding ladder and NLG strut parts. Now , are all these remarks a black stain on the new REVELL F/A -18F ? Not in a 1000 years. Let's stay serious. This is not a build review , that's why I call it a "brief encounter ". It's the short overview of my impressions when opening a new kit. Not more . Not less. I'm sure not much later , some very handy modellers will give you a detailed build review from this kit. But in the mean time , Have a nice day !
  2. Hello Ade , may I ask what kind of decals you're going to apply ?
  3. Gentlemen, I am recently focussing on a new project I have in mind : The Trumpeter 03205 F/A-18F (doubleseater). When comparing the Trump 03205 F/A-18F and the 03206 F/A-18G kits , I discovered that the "aircraft "sprues in both boxes are identical. You CAN build an F/A-18F- model out of a F/A-18G Growler kit. But not the opposite. The Growler has (also) an additional "P"-sprue which includes the ALQ-218 Wing Pods , the AN-ALQ99 Jamming Pods and the Post lot 26 Advanced Crew Station (ACS) Glareshield. In the Trump instructions the aft cockpits differ from eachother. The F-model has the PRE Lot 26-ACS glareshield while the G-model has the POST Lot 26 ACS glareshield. Difference between those 2 glareshields : in the pre -Lot 26 cockpits, the Up Front Control Display (UFCD)is located UNDER the Multi Purpose Color Display("big center screen"). The glare shield is straight lined on the upper side. In a Post Lot-26 / post ACS Hornet , the UFCD is located above the NEW , bigger 8x10 inch Multi Purpose Color Display screen. Hence the square extension in the new glarteshield. How does this affect 1/32 modelling ? Long story in short : Where as trumpeter made different glareshields for their FA-18F and FA-18G Aft Cockpits, since the introduction of the ACS ( post 26 lot) you can make an F/A-18F Aft Cockpit with the glareshield from the 03206 F/A-18G kit. Hint : want to make a "recent " F/A-18F with new decals ? With a post ACS/-lot 26 cockpit ? And you don't mind about lacking the (extra)weapons from the F-kit ? Buy a F/A 18G Growlet kit ! It's cheaper .... All easy to say but to be honest : to make this comparison, I compared both the instructions of the TRUMP 3205 and 3206 kits, and most of all : I have read the magnificent F/A-18 E-F-G "Second Edition" Bible from Reid Air Productions. If you are going to build BIG Super Hornets , THATs the book you should have. To Jake Mellampy : my deepest respect to bundle all that info and all these beautiful color pictures in 1 book. Gosh !!What am I saying ? this applies to ALL your books ...... Have a nice day Katana
  4. Try also this site page 11 for interior pictures : http://www.dishmodels.ru/wlk_main.htm?ss=M You can change the language into English. Might be helpfull. Look also different pages with loose helicopter detail parts : never seen before !! And this site for cockpit details : http://www.hunavia.hu/ G's Birdie
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