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  1. Guten Abend/Nacht nach Aachen! I've to think about it. Barny's offer of a complete revell donor kit is also very attractive due to the centerline drop tank. And maybe the original outer wings are needed for cutting out the hinges and fitting them in revell parts. Do you know chuck's arc-thread. That procedure was also necessary with the cutting edge parts. Frank
  2. Thanks for your quick replies I've already contacted Isradecals, but they are on vacation until August, 7th. I am waiting fot their answer. I think sierrahotelmodels do it vice versa, they have hard wings for the revell kits. Barny, you are the greatest. How much would be the standard shipping to germany?
  3. Hi LSP- Members! Until today I was a reading (and learning - a lot of learning) Member from germany. Now the LSP is - besides the "other"-forum;) - maybe the last hope to solve a severe problem Since 2013 the mighty F-4F is also in Germany history. After 40 (!) years of duty. So it is simply unavoidable to start a new project. A Jet this time. The mighty Phantom II of course. After many years I am back in the hobby and after struggling with a trumpeter Corsair in 1/32 full of aftermarket stuff and a Bf-109 in the pipeline I am planning now the F-4 projekt. Studying chuck's unbelievable F-4E thread (from the "other" forum) I recognized the problem of the slatted wings. After looking around the web for weeks it was clear both known resin upgrade sets are unavailable. First the very rare Cutting Edge Modelworks (CEC32024) and second the Isradecal/Isracast slatted wings Set (32025) are discontinued and rare like gold-pressed latinum Of course scratching or a also very rare revell-kit acting as a donor would be a solution. But unfortunately a scratchbuild of this dimension is beyond my abilities. Like I said, you guys are my last hope. Maybe somebody has a hint, a solution or -haha- an unneeded upgrade set... Thanks and with best regards Frank
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