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  1. Hi guys


    I am looking to add a bit of detail in the area of the back of the canopy on my trumpeter f-18f but I cannot find any good reference photos of the area


    Does anyone of you have any photos of that part of the plane?




  2. thank you so much

    I see you didn't go for resin exhausts. Are the kit ones good?

    ACS stacks? What is this?

    are there pylons in the market available? 

    so I can pose the slam-er fin closed :)


    I will have the canopy closed so I will just go for resin seats 


    shall I get Eduard exterior?


    I think I will go for the Trumpeter as it is the only F

  3. Hi guys 

    I need your advice as I was asked to build an F-18F super hornet in 1/32 with jolly Roger's markings 


    1. Which kit should i for an easier build? 

    2. Needs to have AGM-84H SLAM-ER with folded wings. Where can I get them from?

    3. AIM-9X as well. Where do I get them?

    4. Exhaust? Shall I go for resin? And if yes which ones?

    5. Do I need resin seats? The canopy will be closed so is the kit offerings ok?

    6.What else shall I add to enhance the external look of plane and weapons?

    7. Decals?


    Any other advise?



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