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  1. Hi guys I have managed to finish detailing the lower half of the Ball turret. I really had to think carefully how to approach doing this...because A. ..there is a hell of a lot going on in there!! and B....what I scratch build in the lower half will eventually have to marry up with the top half!. Luckily I have of photos of "said subject" but of course no dimensions!....and so this was all done by eye balling the photos and trying to scale it in my head down to 1:20.....how ever I am used to this and this is the part of the build I love doing. I started by building the two 50 cal Browning's. So it was time to get out my favorite box and tin of the only materials I seem to ever use when doing this................ Scrap plastic and bits of wire!....and I think I used a Christmas card some where in bottom half of this turret! So here we have the two Browning's ready for a bit of paint... The guns were placed into the turret ..(that was a nightmare!....took ages!)...and then on with a few more parts to be scratched. Here for example is the air regulator and heated suit unit that are tucked away in front of the armored plate that protects the gunners under cart!..... and here are the Air pressure gauges on their panel.... ...and with a little colour attached.... There was times I built a part and then had to start all over again....mainly a scale issue...but got there in the end! Tomorrow I will take photos of the completed bottom half and post again...its late here in Bulgaria...my bed is calling!! Until tomorrow then.... Fozzy
  2. Wonderful!...simply a joy to look at Michael
  3. Thanks a lot guys! . Tony ...I welcome any suggestions mate...keep em coming....and if I had enough decent clear plastic I would have used it to vac form the turret!
  4. Hi guys Time for an up date on this Ball turret! So after a lot of cursing the designers of this turret...namely Mr Sperry!...I finally managed to complete the outer parts of the bottom half of the turret..... leaving me to start next on the dreaded interior! The hardest part was trying to replicate where the 50 cals go into the turret....I tried all sorts of ideas but in the end decided to use wire insulation. Very fiddly I have to say and a few attempts had to be made before I was kind of satisfied that it looked the part. Here's a photo of me in the process of making them.............. I have done this method many times before but this time it seemed harder due to the circular shape they had to be attached to!...Each piece of insulation was 1 cm in length and had to be opened up and cut to shape.....and a small piece of plastic with a hole drilled out that will take the barrels later on........ Here you have it...... Next up was also pretty dam difficult and that was cutting out all the glazing positions.....but finally the bottom half of the turret was ready for glazing............. After the glazing was done using cut pieces of an old food clear packaging plastic...I then placed all the framing around the glass. Here it is then ready to start the detailing of the interior........ ....and with the top on to give some sort of reference that it is.... in fact... supposed to be a ball turret!!! I have to say I am glad that that hurdle is over with.....although the top half will be awkward at least it wont have all that glazing! When I started this project back in the dark ages I really wasn't going to do the entire B17G....it was just supposed to be the nose section......one of the reasons why I shied away from it is the fact that I would have to do this turret....but I guess that's what scratch building is all about....pushing your self to the limit...and this ball turret has pushed me right to the edge!! ha ha! so......I am now going to have a go at the bottom half of the interior...so I better start looking at the 1652 photos I have as reference!! I shall be back...and thanks for looking in! Fozzy
  5. Cheers Tony....but I just like to do it the hard way! .....no...The truth is that I didn't have any decent clear plastic to use...but it will be ok doing it this way.....I hope!
  6. Thanks for reminding me Rich!...would be quite a disaster if I forget!
  7. Hi chaps Here is a quick up date on the problem that shall be named......."The bl#@$y Sperry Ball Turret" :angry: I wasn't going to start this part yet because I knew that I would have problems with it!....just kept putting it on the back burner!....I thought that if I cant manage to scratch build the ball turret then the whole B17G project would come to a grinding halt!...so I started trying to think of ways how I can replicate it with the least amount of fuss and specialized tools...that I don't own!! That little yellow kids ball kept staring at me!...taunting me!...because it knew that it would be useless if I tried to use it for a mold for vac forming....not solid you see....rubbery little thing....but I just had to give it a go! I made a do it your self vac forming kit a few years back and I dusted it down ready for a trial run on the yellow ball. The Henry hoover was got out of storage....(I hate hoovering!!)...and was put to good use for once!!....all connected up and ready for the off.... I started on the first attempt to use some plastic food packaging......it was pinned to the frame and popped into the oven for a few seconds....hoover on for suction and.....................failure!...the little ball stood up to having very hot plastic wrapped around it but I reckon the plastic was too thick. So next attempt I used a sheet of plastic card.......no.....too thin!.....so in the end I tried a sheet of 0.5mm and hey presto a result!.......... Then I thought that the plastic would get stuck to the soft ball ,but I didn't have any problems extracting the ball!....so I re loaded another 0.5 mm sheet of plastic on the frame and popped it in the oven (making me feel hungry all this talk of ovens!)... So now I had the two halves ready for a trim up......but I decided that I needed to cut the ball horizontally as it would be easier for me to do all the detail inside the ball..... The next 2 photos show the two halves together......roughly!! So....so far I think so good.....the test will be later when I try to marry up the two halves......but first its down to a load of detailing...starting with the lower half of the ball....blue ink marks the spot! I am going to start trying to cut out all the glazing first....then on with all the detail....so I will be back when I have managed to do that! Cheers for looking in Fozzy
  8. Hi....its me again! Got to keep at this else I might run out of life! The last two days were taken up by constructing with Balsa wood the area for the camera hatch and the ball turret. I mapped out where each hole had to cut and then made a frame in said area!...for want of a better description!...here is the hole for the ball turret. ...and you can just see the frame work for the camera hatch on this next photo... After it was all sanded down and checked this is what we have.... Here is a view from the underneath of the radio room and turret location...the red arrow denotes the camera hatch aperture and the blue arrow the turret aperture.... So after the ideas about ping pong balls...snooker balls etc ...to help me build the ball turret.....that have been thrown out on this brill forum have started to look round for a sphere shape that is the same size as the ball turret which I can use for a kind of template for the turret...I thought it would be a tall order ...but this morning I went into a Lev shop (pound/dollar shop...depending where you come from!!) and found this kids rubber ball.....and it is just shy of 3mm in circumference.....which I am going to live with! I checked for fit even though the ball wasn't up for it judging the expression on its face!!! Bless him! Ok so that's it.....should have the initial skin on the inside and outside of the fuselage in preparation for some detailing this week end.... until then Thanks for looking in Fozzy
  9. Absolutely Harvey!...it's great that you can pick up ideas from fellow modelers!
  10. Cheers Tony.........Snooker ball too small....comes in at 52.4 mm...there is a huge store here in Bulgaria full of bits and pieces....I am definitely going to check it out!
  11. Well its the right size Torben!.....thanks for the link!..will keep that in mind also...gonna check the shops here where I live for a few ideas!
  12. Some great ideas chaps!...so much so that I checked the internet for the dimensions of a ping pong ball and found out they are 40 mm...whereas the turret on my B17 is 65 mm ....but it has definitely given me food for thought! So thanks a lot for your help
  13. Hi there Here is the next up date! I have spent the last few days getting the fuselage structure built...I started with the lower half and then moved on to the upper half...almost symmetrical or but a few millimeters here and there!. Here are the two halves........ Placing them on top of each other gives us the definite shape of the fuselage area.... So to try and explain what the plan is for this phase of the B17 build I have tried to put a few arrows here and there....... The blue arrow at the rear shows you where I am intending to detail the radio room...including the camera bay that is under the floor of the radio room. There will be doors on each bulk head as in the real B17. The Red arrow indicates the Ball turret position and I have done a rather naff diagram of the turret in red using a computer mouse!! The bulk head just after the turret will be as it is...open ....and as it is in the real B17...which is handy as you will be able to view the turret easily. Ball turret!...aaaggghhh!....not looking forward to trying to replicate that...I have some ideas but I'm sure I will change my mind when it comes to doing it! I will be starting with the bottom half first which means it's time to get out the yogurt pot supplies!!...some of you know what I mean...will explain in my next post! Thanks for dropping by Fozzy
  14. Yes......well most of it Shawn...I'll give it a go!...if I have enough time in my life!! Hi Thor.....I have been around but scratch building a 1:48 scale Dewoitine D510...far too small for this forum!!! I often have that problem Jim!....I usually try to do something completely different to try and get my mojo back!
  15. Good afternoon to you all...I hope all is well in the modelling world! After a break from this build I now think its time I got back to the task in hand ......and that is to continue with this beast! It was good to put this B17G down for a bit and have a go at something else but there is so much to do with this project that I am now ready and sort of focused to continue!! For those of you that have been following this build...(you must all be mad!)...and as a recap..you know that I started with...... Phase 1.....Nose section back to the top turret Phase 2.....Bomb bay So now we have nearly half the Fuselage complete......... ...and so its on with phase 3.....the radio room/ball turret station. As usual its going to take weeks to finish this phase and I will be using the same building method and materials as before...IE scraps of this and that!. Onto the first photo then.......... Here we have the scaled up 1:20 scale plans pinned to the building board and the red circle shows the area I will be constructing (Radio room) and the blue cross depicts the position of the ball turret...... At first ,my idea was just to build the radio room but for displaying purposes it will be better to tag the ball turret to the rear of the radio room bulk head. I will need to construct "an open top" of the radio room so you can see all the detail...as I did with the cockpit in phase 1...not sure how to do this but will work it out when I get to that point!! So former's were made for the bulk heads and marked out on a sheet of 5mm balsa wood....only 3 bulk heads for this phase! Here they are all cut out ready.... I am going to build this section as I did in phase 1 and 2....in two halves. Starting with the lower half here are the former's and stringers in place.... So that is as far as I have got at the moment. I do hope that this continued build will give interest to some of you as I do know that its predominately kit builds here Until the next post....of many I fear! Cheers Fozzy
  16. Hi Guys I am going through all my ready for inspection posts to replace the stolen ones from PhotoBucket! Some of the photos are missing as PhotoBucket seem to have lost them for me.... outrageous behavior if you ask me!....and what a pains taking drag to replace the photos...but I just don't want them to get away with it after all the work that went into this SE5a a few years back! So apologies for dragging this post up again! Cheers to all Fozzy
  17. I will be starting on the Radio room in a few weeks hopefully Bil !
  18. Hi Bil....there is but most of the photos have gone due to photobucket... but near the end of the blog from page 16 you can see the photos!...... Here you go..... http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=64522&page=16
  19. Hi guys I am going through some of my RFI posts to rectify Photo Buckets damn cheek!!....and replacing all the photos...a real drag! So apologies for dragging this post up again Cheers Fozzy
  20. Well ..we shouldn't let them have the upper hand Kev!
  21. Hi everyone I have managed to go through this post and re place all the photos that PhotoBucket robbed off me using Post image....so much easier to use I have to say!.....so apologies for dragging this post up again!! Have been really busy with maintenance on the house so the next section of this build has suffered I'm afraid....but long before I re start with the Radio room! Cheers Fozzy
  22. Sorry Lothar.....don't know whats going on!!....as you see above...I lost half the photos for some reason!
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