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  1. Hi guys


    thanks for the interest. Just a wee update today. I managed to do the prop and get the electric motor going. To my surprise the new Airfix motors fit

    into the bulkheads(the ones on the spru with the stand) on the original kit. Makes life a little easier.




    Sorry for pic quality, I need more hands!!


    Cheers for looking,


    Richard :thumbsup:

  2. Hi there Alan


    I was thinking I might try to make some mask's and do the markings myself. I quite like the look of the 610 Sqn machines. In particular DW*E flown by

    Plt Off Constantine Pegge. Going by the colour profile in the book Spitfire mark I/II Aces 1939-41 in the Osprey aircraft of the aces series there are no under wing roundles

    or aircraft serial numbers. This should make it easier to paint!(we'll see!)





  3. Back again


    Another shot. Better view of the brass nuts. Also at the top left I test fitted the gunsight bulbs.

    I will try to dull down the hydraulic lines. A bit bright aye! The instrument panel is the kit suplied, not overly happy with it, but it'll do.


    Thanks for looking


    Cheers Richard ;)


  4. Hello all again.


    Thanks everyone for the feed back. Its been alot of fun and I'm glad your enjoying the progress.


    Here is a little more I've done. Finally got the under carriage unit painted, attached and all plumbed up!

    The waldron placard didn't quite go to plan and as you can see I made a bit of a mess of it!

    The Brass nuts are from Mastercasters purchased through Cammett Ltd.


  5. ......more!


    Yip Andy they are Waldron placards. The set belts are painted with Humbrol deck tan and then given a wash of Tamiya clear smoke. The buckles and eyelits are the easy bits to paint. Just scratched off the paint to let the brass show through!


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