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  1. First, I would like to apologize for being gone for a long time. Had problems in the house and had to dismantle my work room for about three months while repairs were made. Work room is back together and project is progressing again. Hope to post some WIP photos soon. Thanks to all for your interest in my feeble project
  2. This is my first post on these boards, but while reading some of the other posts about Larry H, it reminded me how he helped me out with some parts for my Matchbox Bf 109 E 10 years ago or so now. I had ruined the clear windscreen of my kit and Larry had one. He ended up making me a "package" deal of 2 Revell Beaufighters and the partially built 109 for a reasonable sum. Larry shipped the kits before I sent him the payment and then got sideways with me because it took me a few days to get to the post office and get him a money order, his preferred method of payment. Money was tight for him at the time and he really needed it. With the payment, I sent Larry a very nice letter explaining to him that my mother was gravely ill (near death) and that had caused my other personal affairs to take a back seat to our deal. He then sent me a nice email in return and all was forgiven and we corresponded several times after that. From what everyone says, he must have been a great guy. I never did finish the 109 as I had problems with the Dullcoat not sticking to the gloss coat and egg shelling. The kit is sitting in a box waiting to have the finish stripped and redone. After Jeff over in Penn. passed last year, I bought another 1/32 Matchbox Bf 109 E from his friend liquidating his estate. So I think it would be appropriate for me to build this one in honor of Jeff and Larry. It will be a slow build (as I have other model building committments pressing that also have deadlines), but this seems like a great idea to honor those in our hobby who have gone on.
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