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  1. This was on the ARC site.....hope it helps; Here is a series (extensive) on the recovery of a Luffwaffe wreck. The pilot survived ditching his fighter in the sea off Bergen in Norway on 15 December 1943. It was recovered on November 2nd 2006! The Fw 190 was one of the best German fighters ever built. This wreck is in pretty good condition! Great pictures of the recovery operation.
  2. Check out this site....... http://www.luftwaffe.no/wreck/index.htm Some shots are a little out of context as you can't tell what's in the picture but the rest of them.....well!
  3. I make Korean era aircraft from time to time too John.....I was the same with 1/48 - exclusively so until a colleague emigrated and left me his entire kit collection! He had a lot of BIG stuff in there and I've wetted the old appetite now..... We have a convberted loft to store my made-up models in but that's running out of space again - time to arrange a trade-off with the local model shop methinks!
  4. The price of oil must have gone down again huh? (sic)
  5. Hi John, it's good 'ere innit? I hope to have some big F-16 pics up soon - once I've figured how to add them properly of course....... What's your aircraft interests mate?
  6. I pretty much figured that Gutto my friend but I'm using it as a test subject now.....Hehehe! Until I get the Academy F-16 pics up & running anyway. Thanks for all the fantastic and very relevant Ju-88 stuff mate, we shall come over some time and visit the museum when funds permit. Cheers (Skol!)
  7. So basically it's another grey(ish) area huh? I don't mean medium sea grey or ocean grey, neutral grey maybe? hehehehe! Whatever, this will be one great kit - I wonder what it will go for in England though?
  8. Ju-88A-1 I'm trying to add pictures but it don't seem to be working......
  9. Me too Jim-lad.....in an instant. Very cool plane and so many different markings options!
  10. Very nice.....but didn't WWII era Spits - including the MkIX - have flat undercarriage fairings? The bulged ones in the pictures seem to have the small insert to accomodate a scissors link too - as in the Seafire later models.....maybe I'm wrong but I pick up on stuff like that. Other wise it looks as cool as! How much do you think they'll market it at? (in GBP - pounds)
  11. Hey hey Gotto! Great thread on 'your' 88 my friend.....many interesting bits of data in there to digest. I hope you don't mind me using the pic you sent me of the underside of the model for the colour scheme. I thought maybe you posted it on here for everyone to see yourself but I've not found it yet. Can I just ask a quick question on the ETC bomb racks that were recovered with the 88....What colours were these in please? The light grey or RLM65? Cheers and keep up the good work Gaz
  12. I'm a little new here but thought you guys may be interested in this early war Ju-88-A-1 which sank through a frozen lake or fjord in Norway in 1940. The aircraft has been raised, virtually intact to reveal some surprising colour anomalies for the undersides on this Ju-88 which was no more than 4 months old when it was lost. Have a look at this link to the museum restoring it and try to read your way through its fascinating if rather short history. http://www.ju88.net/ The underside of the aircraft was painted from the factory in a very pale, whitish-grey and had been patched, brush and spray painted in blue, presumably RLM65. I have a great .bmp picture of the Revell model kit (which was mastered from the real aircraft in the museum by the people at Revell) made by the museum showing the pattern on the undersides as it was recovered from the cold water. Have a look at this pic too, it shows U4+TK just as it began to slowly sink through the melting ice. http://img157.imagevenue.com/img.php?image...1_122_392lo.jpg Best regards Gaz Ju_88_underside.bmp
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