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    Sorry that it's been so long since I've posted any updates for my build. Those of you who live in the States understand the significance of April 15th to an accountant (it's income tax day!). Now that things have started to calm down, It's back to the build
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    As promised, I was finally able to get some work done on my D.VII. While I was waiting for a replacement Sprue B, I was able to get some other sub-assemblies taken care of. I painted the floor and instrument board, and put them together. I put together the fuel tank and ammo boxes, and got them painted up. I also put the wings together and cleaned up the seams, and started painting some of the engine components. And today, I was able to paint the side frames and engine mounts, so pictures are below.

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    This will be my first build posted to this forum. I'm going to be building the beautiful Wingnut Wings D.VII (O.A.W.) that my wonderful son (scvrobeson) bought me for Christmas. He also bought me the Fighting Fokkers part 4 decal set, so I might be using the Sieben Schwabians scheme from that sheet. Pictures to follow soon!
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