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Posted 27 February 2010 - 02:10 PM

Lets just make a few things crystal clear

1. If any guys from the aeodrome site think they're going to come on LSP specifically to post on this topic or vicariously have a pre-existing LSP'er post their vitriol then it will either not happen or the LSP'er involved will forfeit their membership.

2. DougB started all this with his verbal attack in caps lock. Firstly, he's old enough to know better that a post like that is simply imbecilic. How any sane adult could expect anything but a punch in the head after gobbing off like that is stupifying. These issues are 'always' best sorted out when emotions are calmer. Clearly there wasn't even a modicum of commonsense or even any strategy for a resolution. Less emotion, better outcome. Whittle vs Heinkel

Further, we have rules on the site and newer members are 'obliged' to ensure they know them. If they don't play by the rules then we take action. Others who have raged in capslock have earnt themselves bans. In every way conceivable it detracted from any message that was trying to be communicated. That is exactly why we have taken a stance on using capslock. We'll raise an eyebrow to the odd bit here n there and generally prefer not to be involved, but an entire paragraph is the best way to earn yourself a rapid holiday.

LSP is different. Generally new members introduce themselves and display some courtesy. If you're a long standing and contributing member of another site then thats great, but on LSP as a new member don't think you bring any of that 'history' with you. To us, who don't visit 'all' the sites you may well just be exactly what you appear...someone who has joined up to add their fuel to the fire. Getting shown the door is 'all' about how 'you' behaved in someone elses house.

for JayPee and Dan San.
Why the questions were asked when the answers were contained in Russ's text I can't understand. That the questions asked reeked with scepticism didn't help your cause as new members. Now...to answer some questions that were asked.

Where did the pattern come from?
Post 105
The info about post 5 seems erroneous given that image wasn't used to make the decals.

Where did Russ get the colours from?
As stated Arizona Models and his own interpretation.

3. This is the end of the debate on this topic of these decals and copyright. Do what you like on any other site but a thread or post continuing to impune Russ on LSP will earn a permanent ban. I'd also like to draw attention to the risk of liable should anyone on another site defame an individual without incontrovertible proof. The old, 'well I thought I had it right' to the judge isn't ever going to cut it. Whilst the internet might make it all feel impersonal and give some a sense of bravado you can always be held to account.


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