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So does anyone else her think we need help with the LSP addiction?

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#76 Rick Griewski

Rick Griewski

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Posted 31 January 2018 - 01:19 PM

I have collected enough after market to last me well into my next after life. I hope I don’t ever start thinking about ever building jets post WWII. I’d certainly be screwed.

Hmmm... I should probably remain vigilant with the stash. I am a die hard WWII prop guy and I am building my first modern jet. I see that same as my other models I could really get sucked into all the detail causing major delay in completion. Must be two hundred knobs and levers to paint in the cockpit alone. The thing has two bang seats! Each wheel well has many wires and cables, landing lights. Pasta buckets. It is all going along well but I will back up a few decades and do a slightly post war jet next. Switching to jets will not increase my build throughput. No more modern jets in the stash.


#77 1to1scale


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Posted 31 January 2018 - 03:49 PM

well, I agree, we collect stuff...but we could do with less and focus on picking some kits we really want to build or look at more than once a year....


Look at this: https://www.ted.com/...more_happiness 


Maybe, just maybe we could do with less kits... :) ...but I have a small stash too (probably 25 kits of which I am going to sell (edit) some this year)

I am actually reducing my stash a bit, I am getting rid of all my 1/72 collection, keeping all but 2 or 3 1/32 kits I will not ever build. 


I am going to move half way across the country this summer, but my stash is not so big it cant be packed into 4 or 5 large boxes(ok, maybe 6 or 7). I have been getting the wife and parents accepting the fact that we cant pack everything, so we will be downsizing all the crap that has not been touched in a year. My biggest challenge will be packing up my garage that if full of tools and a half built roadster and all its parts scattered throughout the garage. 

#78 GrahamF


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Posted 31 January 2018 - 06:17 PM

Me too, I may be moving soon only a couple of miles away but I have a Comets Tail of machines that will need moving, the scariest thing is my larger size vacuum chamber it's literally a 4 man lift it's made of inch thick stainless steel for some reason. I swear if there was a nuclear war that bl**dy thing would be the only thing left.

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