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Malvinas Dagger

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For my part, I would do the "surgery" on the bottom,......... to be honest, I would catch up the fuselage/ nose profile with putty, it seems that there is barely 1mm (more or less) between the fuselage and the nose.. I  use for this kind of work, putty for body car repair  (finishing putty) easy to sand down, can be engraved, it's a bi -component,  putty  + hardener ... it could be worth considering


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i cut out the fusekage to fit the italeri windshield next.the clearparts are pretty different between the two kit, also the position in notvthe same. i consulted some drawings i had of the mirage, but that only gave my a third position <_<


i decided to modify the fuselage for the italeri clear parts, as they are mich nicer (thanx again Alain) and not so sqashed



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