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A step closer, I’ll have to add some to the crankcase also but using some plastic sheet should be easy enough.  Now back to that pesky cockpit. I sprayed it black yesterday but don’t like how dark it looks so I’ll redo it grey today, more inline with USAF cockpits of the era.



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Wrapped the cockpit up today, it was pimped up with extra bits from a Mustang, Spitfire, and Lancaster, with the seat harness both American and German.  Also it was a last minute decision to leave the pilot out, I’ve been wanting to get back to putting pilots in my models so I’ll use him instead for my USAF Skyraider build I have planned…  :whistle:




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SAR missions north of the DMZ had a serious threat of Mig harassment.  A mobile, or quick release air to air radar unit was designed and developed to mitigate this threat.  More then a few Mig pilots found themselves on the unfortunate end of the Superbolts sting. Hugging the valleys and canyons they were fast, nimble and difficult to detect. It wasn’t uncommon with the aid of a airborne EC-121 Connie’s help to set traps for unsuspecting MiGs. 




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  • DugyB changed the title to USAF F-47 THUNDERBOLT VIETNAM
1 hour ago, Iain said:

This looks like a lot of fun. :)


And that cockpit looks brilliant!



Thanks mate,  I can’t lie there it’s been fun.  Though credit must be given to my 4.0 readers, without them it’d be a huge blob of paint…. :)

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1 hour ago, thierry laurent said:

Which camo are you going to use? Grey over white? SEA scheme colours?

I’m going with the USAF SEA scheme,  will use Mr. Hobbies colours and see how they go. Very curious about them.

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