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NOGS at Binh Thuy


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i have all kinds of pics of the gunsetup, but no measurements. i will do the plane in the pic. there are some modifications to the lower fuselage:

a horseshoe shaped fairing in the back of the gunturret (maybe a reinforcement to carry the weight of the ammo drum?) and a keel immediately behind the FLIR turret that seems to be attached to the front geardoor (another pic confirms this)

stay tuned


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The gizmos on the nose gear doors are probably not a keel per se (what would it support?) but more likely a fairing added behind the very unaerodynamic boxy sensor in an effort to straighten out the turbulent flow behind it.  The splotchy camo paint makes it difficult to see what is going on around the turret.  I wonder if there are any engineering drawings of the early NOGS extant to help clear things up?

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i used a short section of thin steel pipe to get a round basis and skinned ist with .5mm sheet

the metallic details gun was assembled (the inner parts just click together and the barrel stays movable)





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