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Falcon of Malta, George "Screwball" Beurling Spitfire MkVb


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I had originally wanted to do this build for the Out Of Africa GB, but...got shot down! . George Beurling was Canada's top scoring ace of WWII with 32 victories. 27 of those were achieved over Malta in just 14 days

I'll use the Hobby Boss Mk Vb trop kit with a fair amount of AM to depict one of Beurling's spitfires from Malta in 1942.



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  • Ayovan changed the title to Falcon of Malta, George "Screwball" Beurling Spitfire MkVb
13 hours ago, dennismcc said:

Nice choice, I built two of those a while ago and enjoyed the process, the HPH detail set is really good.





The kit does look nice, even though it's still on the sprues. The HPH set has a few parts in it that look interesting enough,  but I was more interested in it for the canopy and windscreen mostly.  Actually I think you pointed that out to me a while back Dennis. Thanks for the tip. 

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1 hour ago, Mark P said:

Looking forward to the inevitable discussion abut the colors of Malta Spitfires!


Mark Proulx

For EP706 I've seen profiles for the topside in desert camouflage of dark earth/middlestone with azure blue underside, and also overall topside in dark sea grey with azure blue underside. Im looking for dates of these 2 color schemes, as I suspect it's time relevant. 

I found a date showing desert camo of September 1942, but have not found anything indicating when the dark sea grey was applied.

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