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Italeri Macchi Mc.202 | "Duo Camo" | 1:32


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For all "detailist" i found this site (it is on http so you need to bypass browser lock) which has many unique shemes of plane installations and more.



Top guns compartment:


Wing gun bay if your series choice had it:


Engine photos from era.


Radio (?) behind seat and fuel tank:


and even Duce. He seems not delighted with airframe (or this is just his "grim" hapiness) :lol:


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So at last painting. I wanted to use riveter on Oracal tape as a stencil but I lost my Czech rivet tool so after few lines i just chosed black crayon and pecil to make them one by one. I'm not a fan of making whole surface in rivets because on real planes not every line was ideally visible and was filled with dark dirt or something (how it look after wash) Here is example:


Someone will say it just my laziness and there is truth too :P  
Camo painted, modulation of base color, shading, using water crayons for stains. Montex mask for "cactus" signs and cross. Underside need some more work. Now its time for decals.




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Few layers of gloss coat and decals on their places. Number is not in the center of white stripe, this is visible on the photos. Do not use national signs from the sheet - the "rods" are too narrow - just ugly. Montex masks for PCM have it correct size. Then I mixed black Tamiya Enamel with few drops of white to make wash and cover surface, not perfectly in all the lines.




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