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First time with resins. One question, so far.

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Good question. I've never tried acrylic filler on resin, but stuff like Tamiya putty and most other types adhere to it quite well, so I'd be interested to hear your results.



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Well, OK, you caught me, I did put the cart before the horse in that I asked this question after I've applied it. But to be honest I wouldn't have given it another thought if not for the fact that I've read that plastic glue doesn't bond with resin and therefore super glue is to be used when bonding styrene (or other plastics) to resin. Acrylics will bond to plastics (well duh) and hopefully the aforementioned rule doesn't apply for acrylics to resin bondage. I'm hoping someone comes along and says, "no problem, fugetabout it."

Of course that just opened up another question, should acrylic primer be used on resins or lacquer?


 This is an engine on which the filler was applied, so if it fails it'll most likely be at a most inconvenient time.

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Like I said, I have had no issues with anything not sticking to resin thus far, including different types of paint. That said, I do typically use lacquer primers and enamels paints, so my others may have more experience with it.

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