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Pledge Future Floor Wax

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Hi guys,

   I just ran out of Future. Had a bottle for 25 years and now I’m searching all over for another bottle. I have read that it and it’s replacement have been discontinued. I picked up a bottle of Holloway House “Quick Shine”. Brushed it on my 109 and I am not thrilled with the results. Does anyone know of a clear acrylic replacement for Future. I don’t want to pay $60.00 bucks on eBay.




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There are several products on the market that will do much the same job as Future / Pledge. Of course, you pay a great deal of money for the word "modelling" being printed on the label and it comes in a much smaller bottle than the old-school floor polishes, but it will be overall less money than any surviving bottle of Pledge. 


Have a look at Gunze Sangyo (Mr. Color), AK Interactive, MIG Productions and all the model-manufacturers.  


I've also read that the clear, acrylic paint-finisher (fixative) you can buy in artist-supply shops can be very good, but I've not tried it myself.  


Hope this helps. 



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Guys, he said he got a bottle of Holloway House...and didn't like it.  He's looking for real Future.

Sadly you may have to pay ebay price but at least it will last for years.

I keep my old bottle of Future in the deep freezer.  Does not seem to affect it.  I take out small jars periodically.  Freeze/thaw repeatedly does not seem to affect it.

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