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Short comparison: 1/16 Sdkfz, 251 Das Werk vs Trumpy


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I just got the Trumpeter version of the 1/16th 251 Friday so I pulled them both out to compare the kits.

For starters, they are definitely different! Completely different tooling, even though they came out nearly the same time. Totally different approaches. The Trumpeter kit is much simpler, while the Das Werk kit went all out in detail with a full interior in a nearly ZM fashion.


First example, the overall body. Here is the Trumpy version where most of the structure comes in two parts:



The fit isn't too bad, it will take some fettling but seemed ok.

As for the Das Werk kit, here are SOME of the parts required to get you to the same point:




The Das Werk kit uses a lot of flat plates and individual pieces! It will take somewhere around 30+ parts to build up the structure and add the axle mountings to the sides. Note the cutouts in the armor plate for the fittings; the Trumpy kit has none of that detail. I am not sure how much you will see when the wheels and tracks are added, but you probably can see glimpses of it. The Das Werk kit also has all the torsion bars, the elliptical tubing to cover them, fuel tank, oil(?) tank and other fittings that are under the floor, probably never to be seen again once the floor goes over it, unless you open up some of the access hatches. The suspension is actually workable. The kit also has a very detailed transmission system, all the shafts, battery and other details under the humps between the driver and co-driver. Some of that will be seen in the notches in the covers for protruding equipment, and the cover over the tranny is separate so you could open it up for a maintenance seen or as a removeable part. Das Werk also has a very complete engine compartment. For a good look at all this interior stuff, Andy of Andy's Hobby Headquarters has released a new build video of the interior work.


The Trumpy kit has a few items to go under the floor: fuel tank, battery, and tranny parts, but not near as detailed and without much of the auxiliary stuff. I assume the tranny parts are so you see something through the openings in the cover; I have no idea why they bothered with the fuel tank and battery as you will never see them unless they help support the floor.

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Next up, the wheels:



Das Werk is on the left, Trumpy on the right. Das Werk's version appears more accurate, both in tread and with lettering on the sides. Those eagle-eyed will notice Das Werk spelled Continental as 'Coninental' - trademark issue? Trumpy has no lettering.




Again, Das Werk is more accurate as they have the impressions of the stamped wheels on the backside. Otherwise, they are pretty similar. Interesting the rubber portions are by Dunlop on the Das Werk and Vorwerk on the Trumpy kit.

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Seats. Again, Das Werk on left, Trumpy on right.


Two different types of bench seats. Das Werk has the wood slatted version, Trumpy the padded variety. From photos, both appear to be correct. I will probably deepen the grooves between the wood slats.

On the Trumpy padded version(which is about the same size as the Das Werk ones, the camera makes them look smaller), it looks like a large sink mark in the middle. There is no extra plastic behind, I think they are representing where the padding is fastened down to a center member, but they did not represent the fasteners that should be there. I would add some so it doesn't look like a molding error.




Drivers seat. Trumpy wins here as the Das Werk examples appears a bit anemic. The dark grey seat is the 3D printed one by AFV Modeller, which looks the best though the Trumpy one is definitely useable, even if their springs are off. 

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Tracks. Das Werk is grey, Trumpy is brown.




There is a noticeable size difference. I looked it up, the 251 tracks are supposed to be 280mm wide, and the pads are around 160mm wide, which, in 1/16 scale, works out to be 17.5mm and 10mm respectively. Das Werks are 18.5mm wide tracks and 12.3mm pads, while Trumpy has 16.7mm tracks and 8mm pads. So both are off 1mm, just in opposite directions. I couldn't find a measurement for length of each section, but note the Trumpy kit calls for 58 links a side and the Das Werk calls for 55 links. The real deal needs 55 links on the right, 56 on the left due to the torsion bar offset. I am not sure the kits need the extra link, but keep it in mind if it seems tight on one side. Note the Trumpy link is in three parts, the Das Werk two parts.


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An example of the difference in detail (and parts), the Trumpy MG is one part, with added folded bipod and a ring sight.



Das Werk's MG is made from several parts so you can see the separate barrel inside the jacket.



The DW MG has no bipod or ring sight, just the post sights. Should look good built up, though. Will have to see how it holds up to the AFV Modeller 3D ones.

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Another example of the work DW put into the kit is the decals. Here is Trumpy's:



Pretty standard, markings for 6 vehicles, some with very little markings. Includes decals for 5 gauges on the dashboard. They also have a PE sheet with wheel wear rings and a few other details. Clear sprue covers vision glass blocks and headlight.


Here is Das Werk's version:




Markings are for 4 vehicles: 2 Wehrmacht, 1 SS, and 1 Luftwaffe unit. The also include decals for 5 gauges on the dashboard, plus 5 placards for the dashboard and engine, 2 sets of two types of labels for the fire extinguishers and a set of decals for the radio including dials, labels and the like. They are arranged in the black outline of the radio shape to the left and many are absolutely tiny! Wish they provided two sets of those... They are in a matte finish, which I am not sure about, but we will see.

The clear parts include the armored glass for the vision ports in scale thickness(!), headlights and some other small pieces I haven't found the location for yet.

No PE parts in the Das Werk kit.  

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In summary, the Das Werk is the much more detailed version. It will be an interesting project figuring out how best to paint, but will make a spectacular model.


The Trump kit will be a much simpler build with no engine, no internal suspension components and simply way fewer parts. I am sure it will still be an impressive model.

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6 hours ago, Finn said:

Nice look at both kits, however i have seen this decal sheet:




shown on some model sites.



Interesting! Missing most of the unit decals. Wonder if that is a pre-release or a different set for some countries?

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Dragon used to (maybe still does) print "CONTINENTAU" on the rubber sections of their tanks' road wheels to avoid copyright issues.  If so inclined, the modeler could simply shave off the right vertical line of the "U" and be more or less left with "CONTINENTAL."

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