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Dimensions in 1/32nd Scale for Essex-Class Carrier Decks

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Looking to recreate the white lines of boxes dividing the landing area from the rest of the deck in this photo or others. The markings seem as though they varied a bit from ship to ship, but I don't want to estimate myself and get something that looks wrong.


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I have actually built a section of an Essex Class deck, and recall finding the info online. The problem is that I can't remember exactly where, but I do know it was public record and it included the dimensions as well as the colors (FS #s) for the paint. I'll try to find the sites, but one to start with is Haze Gray & Underway - Naval History and Photography, or NHHC


I do know my info was to WWII specs from the builder's original contract, that I converted to 1/32 scale for a Hellcat dio. If worse comes to worse I'll measure mine and give you the info.

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