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Caudron G.3 MC - Bydgoszcz Pilot School 1926 (CSM, 1/32)

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This is the model of one of many G.3s serving in Bydgoszcz Pilot School in the years 1921-1927. The example 15-18 was photographed around 1926.
The lovely CSM model had to be modified to the Polish post-war version which most striking difference was in the aileron lateral control replacing the original wing warping - I have done it basing on a couple of blurred photos and unconfirmed scale drawings from several sources, let me call it an educated guess. 
The decals with numerals and masks for Polish national markings were provided by Mr. Decal.
All in all a very pleasing project ended in a result, which I deem differs substantially from many other great builds of this great CSM kit. I hope you will enjoy these couple of photos.










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4 minutes ago, Shoggz said:

That's beautiful.

How long did all that rigging take?!

Thanks. How long? Hard to say, it was done in stages. Yet, not so long as painting, shading, preparations... Once you have all the stations for the rigging mounted and checked for pull-off it is quite a quick process. The final rigging part was a question of 2-3 days. And the complete build took me all together about 2.5 months, that also broken into stages by another model (Lohner) and holidays.

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That is just superb modelling and craftsmanship. I could look at the photos all day and keep finding more exquisite details. And the weathering is just perfect.


Thank you for sharing this!



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