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A-20 Havoc undercarriage, Nose strut available to order from today 27th July.


A-20 undercarriage  

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  1. 1. Which is preferred just a nose wheel strut or a full undercarriage set cast in brass

    • Nose strut only
    • Nose strut and main undercarriage struts

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Hi guys


There is a lot of interest and discussion on this model, and one item I have been asked a lot about is whether I will be doing a brass undercarriage for it.

As I still do not have kit myself it is or has been very difficult for me to evaluate the kit parts. Nigel at Nigel’s modelling bench did a small video on his channel yesterday see below.

The big question is what would you guys prefer to see just the nose wheel strut produced in brass or a full undercarriage set. As a guide on price and NOT COMMITTING TO.

Nose strut approx £10.00 

Full u/c set approx £25- £30.00

If the nose struts goes ahead it could be about 4 weeks away from today so mid to late August.




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On 7/22/2023 at 12:55 PM, CRAZY IVAN5 said:

I'm all in favor of at least the nose gear ,although I'd be happy to have all 3. the nose gear is a must!


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On 7/24/2023 at 9:08 AM, chenango55 said:

I prefer a complete landing gear set as a precaution due to the difficulty a repair may present. Also, due to the effort to build the kit and the cost of it.


Aside from the landing gear, I would like to see a set of wing bomb racks as one AC featured in the kit had them.


Yes wing Bomb racks are needed with M-8 Trippel rocket launches too!!!!  Also, the smoke screen tanks would be nice 

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  • Ali62 changed the title to A-20 Havoc undercarriage, Nose strut available to order from today 27th July.

Hi Guys 


I have the nose strut re-designed and it is currently at the casters. Due to a huge work load at the casters it will be towards the end of August before I will be able to mail these out. 
Rather than show and write everything out best follow this direct link then you can see the details, also remember there is a 10% discount available till 31st July 12pm GMT


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