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Trumpeter F-8E Crusader


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The F-8 doesn’t seem to have a lot of love in the decals department these day. There’s a Russian decal maker, that’s not going to happen, victory models (quite colourful) but not in stock anywhere, a couple of options less interesting than what’s in the box available from Hannants (Zots etc.) so I may just go with what’s in the box. Should’ve shopped for decals a few years ago apparently.

the fin flash decals in the kit for VF 194 400 look quite inspiring actually. A ways to go before I need to decide I guess

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4 hours ago, JayW said:

 Ha!!  These names the Navy gives their toys.  OK Peter - why "gator"?  

This Air &Space article sums it well.


Essentially the intake was so low and so big you didn't want to be near the front of the plane, just like a Gator.

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