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A thousand dollar build


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A commission build you could say. Prodos Cheyenne dropship in resin. 




Tamiya red primer followed by light grey primer. I wasn't sure I had enough light gray so starting with grey was an insurance. I had a vague idea of using the red in the weathering process. 


IMG_20230524_140107351_HDR received_258180713389969

Landing gear and floor elevator are magnetised so that my customer can use it as a prop in war gaming scenarios. 










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I have made a mistake, but it is not clear if there will be any consequences. 

After priming I decided my colourful white-red-black scheme needed a better base. So I bought a can of generic white hobby paint and covered the whole model. It wasn't until I painted the floor hatch I understood that the solvent is quite aggressive!I it made the red primer runny but I don't know if the grey primer was affected. They are both tamiya brand so there was reason to worry. 





Keeping cool I figured it would be alright if I just let the paint dry. 



Now there is a new worry: it said on the can the paint was "flat" but it's rather semi gloss. I have no idea of if Mission Models paint will stick to it... 

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On 5/26/2023 at 6:52 AM, chrish said:

It looks great, love the subject matter too!

but mission models paint doesn’t stick to anything, don’t blame yourself if it flakes off:) 

I have found the same, but it does do better over the Mission Models primer.

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