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Health Update 2

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Well, chemo is done for the time being. Feel good other than for a lingering side effect which is still slowing output: numbness and freezing sensation in fingers (and feet, but that's incidental to our needs). Lots of dropping things and difficulty with the more complex products that require extensive wire manipulation. The A-4 and Revell 109 sets are proving to be particularly troublesome. I'm told this problem could last up to 2 years. I certainly hope not! We'll do our best to overcome the challenge and soldier on as best as we can.


The extreme delays you have been facing with orders is over for the time being. We have eliminated the pre-order process as that was causing more headaches than it was worth. So, if you have specific wants please email me through the website and we'll see what we can do. I promise to be more faithful in answering than in the recent past.


Well, that's where things stand at the moment. Will have another health update on or about 30 May 2023.


Thank you for your continuing support and extreme patience during this unpleasant period.




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Glad to hear your treatments are done (for now) and I hope that the side affects from the chemo wear off quicker than what they've told you.  I sincerely hope you'll never have to endure that mess ever again.



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