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Paint booth, how many have them.

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My booth is two of those ubiquitous, cheap Chinese made spray booths, joined together to make one good sized effort:




Reasonably cheap, big enough for 1/32, the entire thing folds up to save space, and you can use pretty much anything for filters. To make the cost more manageable, you could start by buying one, and adding a second later. There are plenty on EBay for less than £100.


They actually work very well, with the fans strong enough to draw spare paint through the filters.


I'd recommend a spray booth to anybody, you'll wonder how you managed without one.

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4 or 5 years ago I finally got a spray booth. I built it from a set of plans I got on the Internet somewhere.  It's basically plywood, plexiglass, a blower motor, a replaceable furnace filter, and some ducting. It was an investment of $170 and a Saturday afternoon, but it changed this hobby for me completely. I have it in my office/hobby room in the basement, and it vents outside. Due to its efficiency, I was able to switch to lacquer paints, which was another game-changer for me. I have zero smell when painting now, zero complaints from family members, and the finished product is much better. 


I'd give up the hobby before I gave up that spray booth. 



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I don't have one...yet.

Right now my bench is in a basement room with no windows.

I spray acrylics most of the time and I have a box fan hanging on the wall next to me.

It faces away and pulls air away from me as I spray pretty well.

On the rare occasions I use oil base, I have put on a respirator mask I got at Home Depot.

It seems to do well enough. 

I will add a booth that will vent to the outside.  It will take some effort to make a hole in the brick outside but it is mandatory for my safety and the family too.


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Everybody's work area looks so clean! I do use a spray even though I am less than highly concerned about the fumes. Keeps my wife happy. I even had a dryer vent installed when I had the original window replaced with glass blocks so I can just turn it on and spray. I think I got it from Micro Mark but it's probably almost 20 years old. 20" wide so big enough for most things I do. Also have a sliding glass door right next to my bench if needed for ventilation.



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I have the same kind as Kev does. It works pretty good! And was affordable. I would love to one day get a Pace Paint Booth, but that is out of the budget. I have it vent outside through a door in the garage. For large jobs, I still use a respirator (and safety glasses always) in addition especially with lacquers. 

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