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1/32 Trumpeter F-14D Tomcat


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This is the TRUMPETER 1/32 Tomcat, a lovely kit is so may ways, detail is fantastic, but you do need to take care on a few areas. I built this using the Aires engine nozzles and the Eduard cock pit detail set, and 2 x Aires ejection seats, all painted with MRP paints. 


2003 was one of many milestones for the "Bounty Hunters." The path from work-ups to combat ops to Naval Air Station Lemoore was no easy journey. Accomplishing the tasks required the hard work and professionalism of all aircrew and personnel.

In 2003, VF-2 was deployed aboard the USS CONSTELLATION with CVW-2 and participated in Operations ENDURING FREEDOM, SOUTHERN WATCH, and IRAQI FREEDOM, flying over 2000 combat hours and 483 sorties with over 320,000 pounds of ordnance expended. On 28 February 2003, during Operation SOUTHERN WATCH, Bullet 111, flown by CDR Dave "Burner" Burnham and LT Justin "Donger" Hsu, delivered the first F-14D JDAM in combat. VF-2's behind-the-scenes efforts were the driving force behind the early release of the Operational Flight Program (OFP) D04. The "Bounty Hunters" worked hand-in-hand with former Bullet LT Ken “Norm” Bates, VX-31, VX-9, Pax River, and the Class Desk to ensure that the F-14D community would have its badly needed JDAM capability in time for Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Due to the foresight and persistent efforts of VF-2, all three deployed F-14D squadrons were ready for the war. After the long trip across the Pacific, VF-2's May fly-off ended 30 years of flying the F-14. However somber the moment was, the aircrew and maintainers were anxious to recharge from cruise and meet the new challenges that lay ahead.

As the squadron made its way back across the states for its fly-in at NAS Oceana, Bullet 100 of VF-2, flown by LCDR Kurt "Webstur" Frankenberger and CDR Doug "Boog" Denenny, was met by Bullet 100 of VFA-2, one of the jets that they would be flying in a few short months. As the two jets joined up, the bright red, white, and blue Langley stripes painted on both aircraft made for a memorable photo op that marked the end of an era as well as an awesome preview of what was to come. On 1 July 2003, VF-2 was officially re-commissioned as VFA-2, thus beginning transition training to the F/A-18F Super Hornet.



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