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Z-M Messerschmitt Bf109G-14 Numero Dos

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Couldn't decide what LSP I wanted to do next so I decided to do a quick build on my second ZM G-14. This one will be closed up other than cockpit so engine was kept to the minimum I thought I needed to keep everything where it should be. I will rivet it of course. Finished one wing at work today and hope to knock out the other one tomorrow. I always rivet the fuselage after it's together. Earlier version of the cockpit this time with 20mm cannon. No instructions for that but after 50 or so 109s I think I got it right. Also realized I had both EagleCals G-14 sheets. Yellow 10 that I did on my first one is on there I noticed. I painted the markings anyhow so no big deal. Also white 21 which I did years ago with a Hasegawa kit, and actually still have, is on there. It will be one of the tall tails this time for sure.




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