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Anybody else got problem with.....

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On 3/13/2023 at 12:48 PM, Bill Cross said:

And for god's sake, stay away from Red Frog Hobbies. I got burned by them: they took my money, but no communication, the voicemail box is full, and they don't answer queries in email or FB.


I bought from them a few years ago, transaction was quick and smooth.  Sorry to hear about problems developing.

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38 minutes ago, Sukhoi said:

It is Scale Worx resin model...been waiting 5months for Cheetah, Mirage IIID and MirageIIB conversion!!!... if nothing by the end of the month..will go on a paypal dispute.


John is a member here, so why not send him a PM?





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42 minutes ago, Sukhoi said:

Sended numerous e-mail.... with nothing going on!!!

I buy frequently on the web over the world.. longest buy was about 3 weeks.. so!


He may not be receiving your emails. What have you got to lose by trying a PM as an alternative?



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