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Airfix 1/24th Spitfire Mk.IX BS104 YO-R

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Evening all. It's been about five years since I participated in a group build or indeed posted any 'in progress' photos at all.


This seemed like an ideal opportunity to jump back in!


The 1/24th Spitfire from Airfix is a great addition to the LSP stable. I've bought four of them as I want to do a selection of early and late examples.


This is the first one, and I've decided to do this aircraft:


Spitfire Mk.IX


As it happens, EagleCals include it in their EAG24185 decal set, so I grabbed one.


I've also snagged airscale's cockpit upgrade.


Tonight was the first night I've managed to spend some concerted time on the project and I managed to get it to this point.


Spitfire 1/24 day 1 Spitfire 1/24 day 1 Spitfire 1/24 day 1


Still some weathering (probably dry-brushing) to do, but I'm pleased with my first full night's progress. (The wife is away currently, so I managed a straight five hours!)


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Well, another couple of hours spent on my Spitfire tonight - though I don't seem to have progressed much!


Got the other cockpit wall done though - it's the detail painting - it takes ages, rightly so.


Spitfire 1/24th 2023 03 09


Spitfire 1/24th 2023 03 09


Nothing is glued down yet. I want to keep everything loose until I put everything together in case there's any 'wriggling' that needs to be done.


I'm enjoying this!

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9 hours ago, themongoose said:

Oh that looks nice. The valves on those tanks look real!


Thank you! Yes, I was pleased with them.

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On 3/11/2023 at 9:29 PM, geedubelyer said:

Very neat and tidy. A super return to WIP. Thanks for sharing.



Thank you!

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Well, after a week not having the opportunity to get into my hobby room, I've managed to have a decent session tonight - shared between this build and the Kotare Mk.I


I've managed to get the fuselage zipped up - though me being me, I seemed to manage to make it harder than it should have been - certainly in comparison to everyone else building this kit!


I did numerous successful dry runs before committing the glue, but as soon as I did, I seemed to get a large gap just in front of the cockpit.


I could alleviate it, but in doing so, I popped out the fit at the bottom of the firewall area. Arrgghh!


It took a couple of hours fettling to get everything tied up properly - but with a dollop of Vallejo plastic putty and some Mr Dissolved Putty on top I managed to get there..


Anyway, I forged on and got the tail section completed too.


Here's where we're at:


2023 04 06 2023 04 06 2023 04 06


There's still some work to do on the filling and sanding, but that can wait for a while till I have to wait for paint to dry!

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