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Z-M Messerschmitt Bf109G-14/U4 WNF

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Really nice kit for anyone considering building it. Tamiya-like fit for the most part. You need to pay attention if you want to build something other than the U4(30mm cannon) version. The parts are all there for for just about any G-6 or G-14 you want but they don't tell you in the instructions. I had already committed to the U4 before I found out it was pretty much a WNF thing which also meant a short tail which I wasn't planning on. Fortunately I found a scheme I liked for a WNF G-14 in the MMP Late War 109 Camo book. Next one will definitely be a tall tail. Yes, I have a couple more of them :)

Mostly OOB with just a few additions. RB Productions belts, which I will really miss when my stock runs out, and Master barrels for the AM plus scratch pitot and cowling prop rods. Riveted with a beading tool per my usual. Markings masked and painted. MRP and Mr. Color for the paint. Pictures not great. Not a strength of mine.






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