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Artman Delta - 3D printed parts for SAAF subjects and Mirage IIIs in general


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I'm posting these on behalf of a small startup operation called Artman Delta who intend to fulfil a need to provide 3D printed parts for Mirage 3s and other similar subjects. They'll be offering in 32nd scale (and for those of you who still build small scale, but don't admit it, 48th and 72nd). They're contactable via FaceBook and Instagram as per the box cover below.


The parts I've reviewed so far are accurate as these have been based on dimensions taken from actual articles at various museums in South Africa. The initial parts will focus on the Mirage 3/5 series (and related develop,ents such as Cheetahs etc.). These are applicable to Mirages that were operated not only by the SAAF but many other countries.



IMG_3261 - 800


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First off the 32nd scale RP825 centreline supersonic tank as used by most Mirage 3 operators. What astounds me is that Italeri (and the Revell rebox) does not provide this tank. It is the most common tank carried by the Mirages so this is certainly a welcome addition. This cad work is based on actual measurements taken from the RP825 tank on Mirage IIIRZ 835 at Swartkop air base in Pretoria, South Africa.


IMG_3266 - 800


There are four pieces - nose, centre and tail section (the image shows two front sections) and the pylon. The 3D casting is crisp but can use a light sanding with something like a 2000 grit Tamiya sanding sponge. The parts can be glued together with super glue (cyano). They have a clever method of one part fitting into the other so that it's difficult to mess the super glue all over the place when squeezing the parts together. Alternative is to use slow setting epoxy glue.

Some minor preparation work is required like cutting off the supports. This took no longer than 5 minutes of careful cutting with a razor saw. Locating pins make sure parts align correctly with one another.



IMG_3283 - 800


Parts glued.



IMG_3286 - 800


I primed the parts with Tamiya fine grey primer straight from the can. The real tank has prominent aluminium weld seams which are correctly replicated.


IMG_3290 - 800





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Next up is the JL-100 combined fuel tank/rocket pod and carried on the inboard wing pylons of the Mirage 3 - again, measured off actual sample at Johannesburg Museum of Military History :



IMG_3267 - 800


Nose detail incredibly crisp :



IMG_3281 - 800


Primed :



IMG_3288 - 800


Painted in various metallic colours using the one at the museum as a sample :



IMG_3296 - 800


With weathering to replicate rocket gas stains - yes they really did get this dirty :


IMG_3299 - 800


Artman Delta will provide the corrected wing pylons as the Italeri kit parts are rubbish.


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They'll also do V3B Kukri IR missiles and their launcher rails in 48th and 32nd. Not sure about 72nd. These are specific to the SAAF and were used on the Mirage F1AZ and the Mirage IIIC and R. The launch rails also had a unique configuration. There are no V3Bs available in scale as far as I'm aware. So these are very welcome. This is how they come out of the casting booth :



IMG_3278 - 800





Missile before painting - this is the 32nd scale article - note the unique arrangement of the canard fore planes - something between an R550 and AIM-9B. But it's correct, again also measured from an actual missile at SAAF Museum at Swartkop :


IMG_3292 - 800





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