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ZM kits apparently due in March of this year ...


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51 minutes ago, Uncarina said:

I was very excited at the Ki-100 Otsu announcement. Hoping to see this soon!


Cheers,  Tom

Nooo, not yet I haven't built my Alley Cat one yet and it's the bubble top one too. Still the way Z-M are going I think it will be awhile after the 109's and 190's.



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19 hours ago, Dpgsbody55 said:

My question is; when are these kits due??  The 109 looks like a March release, but no dates for the FW-190 or Ki-100.  I'm hoping the 190 comes out before Christmas - the next one due, that is. :rolleyes:





I too am hoping that they release the 190 AND the Ki-100 pretty soon, I still haven't seen any time line on these two either . They've been working on the 190 for awhile now so it SHOULDN'T be too much longer , the Ki-100 , this is the first I've heard about that one so who knows[ I've been waiting quite awhile for that one so as long as it's done right I'll keep

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On 1/14/2023 at 12:37 AM, Jan_G said:

Bf-109 G-14 will be available for pre-order from Jan 21st, release in March according to recent blog




Old Man Blog no.125



I just ordered 2.  Shipping from the Land of the Rising Sun ain't cheap.

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9 hours ago, mark williams said:

Be funny if they pulled out the p-51b they announced along with the Arado.

Not funny Sir.  But tears of joy.  Not a dry eye at the show or with in this hobby group.  Maybe even an embarrassing rush here and there to the bathrooms for a quick clean up. :rofl:

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2 hours ago, Rick Griewski said:

I am excited about an improved Fw-190 A series but not as much as other aircraft. Years ago a friend gave me decals for the ac with the red serpent on the fuselage for my birthday.  If I do one I will build that ac. 

That's a cool scheme! I'm not much of a P-51 fan but a B/C will get my attention real quick. Didn't HK talk about putting one out awhile back? or am I hallucinating again?

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