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Academy AH-1Z Viper wip

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Hi All,


Diving head first into my first large scale model. In this case, it's Academy's lovely 1/35th scale AH-1Z Viper attack helicopter (I'm a dye-in-the-wool 1/72nd guy. Just ask @Greg W). I love the AH-1 series of helicopters, and really dig this particular variant (as well as the OG Vietnam War era AH-1G).  I've picked up just about everything made for this model, so let's see if I can make it work. :D


The box art;




The aftermarket goodies;






First thing to accomplish, and the most involved aspect as far as integrating an aftermarket set was preparing the forward fuselage for the Legend Productions AH-1Z avionics and ammunition bays. I drilled holes around the perimeter of the molded in bay access doors, then used a craft saw to removed the doors. Various sanding sticks and files were used to removed the remnants of the doors up to the door panel lines and clean up the opening. 










Here's the bays loosely fitted into place. I will permanently glue them into place once the bays are painted and the forward fuselage is assembled. Thanks to @Greg W for helping me get these fitted into place. His knowledge on how to tackle installing resin sets of this type was greatly appreciated.  






Here's the tail boom with some photoetch screens and Flying Leathernecks FMV antenna fairing fitted in place;






Thanks for looking!

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17 minutes ago, Uncarina said:

Very impressive! I’ll be watching this for inspiration to finish my build. It’s a great kit!


Cheers,  Tom


Thank you, Tom! I'd say this Academy's best kit, but I think it's been superseded by their new 1/48th A-10C, judging by the reviews I've seen so far.

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You really jumped in to the deep end, building a large scale model! I will enjoy seeing how you paint this since you are so good at that. 


This kit wasn't on my radar but  because of you, I got to see it up close and it has left quite an impression on me. Top notch in every regard. Although modular, it is one of the best fitting models I have ever seen with super crisp, surface detail. No flash and very fine mold lines. It just goes together so nicely, perfect for super detailing or a easy mojo restoration project.

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