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MC.205 „Veltro” 1:48 Hasegawa


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On the workshop landed such a small and quick project Mc.205 "Veltro" from Hasegawa in 1:48. The model almost straight out of the box, the rest will come out during construction. As the model has its years this is the start of its construction. Another Italian but in JG77 camouflage.







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I enriched the interior of the cabin with some small details made by myself, as well as the pilot's belts. These accouterments are from the Eduard kit.








I made the masks for the cabin glazing using Tamiya tape, and there are also masks on the inside. The cabin will be open.




On 12/20/2022 at 2:14 PM, kensar said:

A German Velcro.  Nice.  Stormo Magazine online is a good reference for Italian aircraft.

Thanks for the info, I know this site and use it.

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So the painting continues and there is a beautiful Italian camouflage left to do. I was already doing free-hand so I decided to change things up and used masks to paint the smoke clouds. Just out of curiosity how they would come out. I hesitated whether it was worth it and acquired such a kit from LF Models dedicated to Macchi MC.205Veltro Camouflage Painting Mask Model: M4811. And this is how it looks, we will see how it fits and how the camouflage will come out.










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What should I write? The pictures show everything. The mask great but , well there is just a small but because it does not hold the scale. It's bigger than the model, I've been fiddling a bit with how to apply it and the best option is to cut the masks from the fuselage into several parts and apply them that way. I did so and the effect is below. An interesting addition.






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Camouflage painting with masks completed, as it came out you can see in the photos. I, for one, am not entirely satisfied with the result obtained, and how do you see it? Hand-painted they come out very realistic, but it is also time-consuming to apply such camouflage.






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Thanks that you like it, I like it less already. I painted using masks to see how it would come out. I had already built a "Veltro" once and it came out that way for me.



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